Give me the book I will read you a story no don’t lick my feet the gown is broken or else it would scream from the mouth only a teeter totter album closed lips open mouth no don’t stray from the plan okay salivate kingdom come don’t trust the original to keep you satisfied the taste is good so stay

Bottoms Up!

Rest easy there are no more gymnastics to come up in your spaghetti legs only a half a sandwich thank you I don’t like that smell it makes me gag but I am gung-ho to lap it up or in or over would you like a bite I know you would the popsicle is warm but it’s not melting I’m ready to eat a salad with lots of dressing yes alright I will climb into your bowl so I can see you from the bottom up

Like A What?

Come over to my house and we can play with mothers mouse my spell is green I don’t like the flavoring it’s like before hold the tube the knot the tele-tubby don’t get fooled by the game we’re all in this together it’s the intrinsic intimate pacifier and they say it’s like a nipple so is the top of the bottle they are all in a conspiracy to make it saturated

Stand Up

Let’s jump into the general discussion of when I sputter the exhaust of flames no just the fumes no maybe gas let’s go to the closed caption cereal box no that’s silly we don’t need to bend we can shoot straight up stand I mean so let’s play Henry games let’s strive for fortunate rhymes the rhythm closed in its never the same as when we’re together right we should be I know let’s stoop to poop

Let’s Go

Today is a great day for jelly beans and chocolate but it’s not Easter no it’s not so do you want to go to Australia let’s do that let’s go on a journey let’s take a trip let’s meet for lunch why don’t we sip a smoothie yea that sounds good I’m in favor of an end to the controversy what do you think that’s true


Stop plop you’re behind on the couch don’t slouch it’s not that bad we should get together occasionally so that we don’t lose touch we can be splendid actually let’s run and play hold my hand and get on the see-saw for a round of putt putt golf do you sense the strangeness in the philosophy tower train up a cat and show him the way he should grow so that the banana peel falls on the floor that’s the end of my sad story

Where Are You?

Where are you can I come there let’s come back together and sing a song of joy for all to hear I remember the good times we spent in each other’s company it was a happy time except when we would argue and fight but that is all behind us now I want to be your friend and we can talk about the craziness of life and all the crazy people in it.

Shining Dots

Lock that clock that shining dot so square you scared no not me thankfully so what do you think tape that mighty in a talking rap wait no play yes stay I don’t stare yes you do okay I lied I do squeeze the Charmin if you please my teeth are greasy no I’m not a pilot come closer yes meat and cheese and butter and cream and lots of milk to drink tasty yep

We Are One

I waited for you

On top of the mountain,

But you didn’t show.

I went down

Into the valley,

But I didn’t see you there.

I sailed on the ocean,

Hoping to catch

A glimpse of you at sunrise,

But I was disappointed.

I prayed to you

To appear to me,

And I looked at my reflection

In a pool of water.

It was then that I realized–

You were always with me,

For you are a part of me.

We can never be separated,

You and I.

We are One.