Going to the end of the circle,

Breathe in slowly, then out slowly.

Catastrophic habits lead to

Pollution and shorter life span.

Crunch the bones

In your teeth, chew the meat,

Spit out the gristle and fat.

Run to the railing.

See the leopard leap.



A story, a life, a sacrifice.

A belief in blood,

Atoning for my transgressions.

A body, broken.

A substitute for me.

Yes, I have broken God’s law,

Over and over.

Love has poured Himself

Into my soul,

And I am clean.

Life Reflection

Come, tell me your story.

I’m sure there’s been ups and downs.

Struggles and hardships, but

Also victories and successes.

Yes, there has been fun and giggles,

To balance out the tears.

I feel privileged to say,

Despite life’s disappointments,

There is rewards.

Even though the challenges have been many,

It’s been a good life so far,

And I’m sure there will be

Wonderful times to come.


Brown red blue green silver purple white how do you like it? Doesn’t matter to me, as long as I have some. Taste it and see. Embrace nonconformity. Come to the edge, but don’t jump off. Just hang there, til your arms get tired, but pull yourself up, while you still can! Curl your toes over a cliff. Swirl your body among the surf. Think about why you’re here. Why am I here? Say that to yourself. There will come a day, when all the leaves will fall and the gates will close. Make the most of what you’ve got. Trust the universe to keep you safe and sound.

Zooming Around

Zooming around

From the stars to the ground,

And back again. Is it a sin?

I wonder all about

The simple things, and pout.

Boy, it’s a mess,

And I must confess

That you are the best.

Do you know how

We can break out of this now?

I want to go

Where I can flee to and fro.

I hope

That you can offer

A way to make it stop.

All I know

Is that I remember

That I told you so.

Leaping Luggage

Leaping over a lounging lizard,

In the middle of a raging blizzard,

Is not a pastime I’d encourage,

Even if you took my luggage.

If you ask me for the time,

I would say it’s not a crime,

But don’t expect an accurate telling,

And never grade me on my spelling.

Do you think there is some truth

To what they say but never prove?

Is it where I put it last,

Inside a bucket of plaster caste?