Freezing rain splashed on my skin.

The creepy feeling of a fish’s fin.

The earth rumbles underneath my feet.

Will there come a day when I will be free?

Soothing coos from a mama bird

Fill my mind with all that I have heard

To keep me sane in this world gone to hell,

To salve my wounds and make me well.



Liver blood dead eyes functionally inept

Heart struggling lungs full of cancer

Pain suffering sleepless nights boredom

Loneliness dementia depleted oxygen

Brain burnt out blood not reaching gone

A Lonely Night

Covered up my head

On a cold night,

One of the first few

After your spirit

Left your body.

It is a good thing

To move on,

But somehow I’m stuck,

Running that tape

Over and over

In my head.

The shock, the horror,

Mixed with relief,

That your suffering is over.

I have to believe

That you’re in a

Better place now.

Maybe sitting beside

God’s throne,

Cracking jokes, and

Commenting sarcastically

On new arrivals

To heaven.

You will be a unique

And rare addition

To the spiritual world,

A dreamer and a comic,

Just like you’ve been

So long on earth.

I wish that more people

Had known you,

But that was not your way,

Always preferring

To be out of the spotlight,

Nursing that private pain

And regret for so long,

Just surviving,

Until even that

Was too much to bear.

A Good Day


In memory,

Your eyes,

Staring up at the ceiling,

As you lay on the floor.

You know I’m there

Because you aren’t really

Inside anymore.

You’re in the air I breathe

On that cold and rainy

Winter night.

You’re in my mind

And all around me.

You’re holding my heart

In your hands

As I grieve

The loss of you,

And yet I know

You are still with me.

No more pain

From that sickly body.

No more shame

From social stigma.

Just peace and joy

Whisking through your soul

As you dance

With your new legs

At rainbow bridge,

Where all your dogs

Run and play.

It’s a good day

To be alive.

Christmas on a Weekday

Walking through the snow,

I hear a bird sing.

Could it be the thing

That makes my heart flutter?

Squeezing in a tangle

Of chimes and triangles,

I lift my foot

And shake the soot

Off in a little pile.

The presents are on their way,

Flying through outer space.

I recall a hymn to sing.

It’s such a silly thing

To forget the words

After singing it a million.

Can you feel the Christmas spirit

As you’re doing all your laundry?

Do you see the end coming

To the carol that you’re singing?

It won’t be long

Til Kris Kringle comes around.

Loving Life

Cruising down the highway,

With my baby at my side.

There’s no other way

I’d rather spend my day.

No other person

Can take her place.

Oh, to hold her hand

And kiss her face.

We’re a pair of lovebirds

Sitting in a tree.

We’re a couple of puppies

Playing chase, running free.

Can you see the fun we’re having?

Can you tell we’re loving life?

Will you wish us well?

Will you follow our example?

Come along, enjoy the ride.

Goofy when you’re by my side.

It’s the time to let loose.

It’s our chance to cuss and discuss.

Let’s be carefree.

Let’s do it simply.

You are my friend.

This is how we’re meant to be.

Christmas Time

It’s time for cookies

And presents

And hot chocolate

And snow

And laughter

So get out your boots

And your jacket

And go outside

And make a snowman!

Send out Christmas cards

And decorate with lights

And a Christmas tree.

Sing Christmas carols

And watch Rudolph on TV.

It only comes round

Once a year,

So enjoy it

While it lasts!

Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder

If all they say is true,

If Jesus is really God.

If God really cares.

Sometimes, it seems,

Bad things happen

To good people.

Life doesn’t seem fair.

It’s all so overwhelming.

But then there’s times

When I sense that

Someone’s out there,

Looking out for me

And those I love.

Sometimes, it seems,

God intervenes.

He decides to help

A bad situation go better,

Or something good

To come out of it.

It’s hard to prove,

But it’s just as hard

To disbelieve

When the miraculous happens.

I choose faith, hope

And love, over

Whatever else.

It’s the best for all.

The Story

Do you know the story

Of the child born a king?

It’s a tale that’s very old

A religious sort of thing.

God gave us his son

To save the world for him.

In a gesture of love

He gave his life to pay for sin.

He was born in a manger.

Not a kingly sort of thing.

Now he reigns on high

While we await him on wing.

The end of time will bring

A new life in him.

And we will be redeemed

With the earth and all that’s his.

Coming Soon

Going there

As best I can.

Watching out

For detours from the plan.

Looking around

For somebody else

Wondering when

It came down to myself.

Standing here

On the bullseye.

Wishing I

Could just take off and fly.

Why don’t we

Hold hands and run

Around the yard, yeah,

Let’s have some fun.

Gather near,

And bend your ear.

Come in close

No worries, here.

Don’t you think

It is the best

To have a meal,

Then lay down and rest?

Christmas time

Is almost here

Make your list

And never fear,

Santa’s coming

In a few.

Hope you’ve been good.

That’s nothing new.