A Tub

Jump to jingles jelly poured into a tub. Gelatin comes closely to entering the subway station on 34th Street. Salvation spews out of the volcano so swiftly that there’s no time to make a peanut butter and apple butter sandwich. Sometimes we are rushed and we can’t count our toes. Invaluable angles perceive obtuse circles in breathing calculators on planets too far to travel to. Linking lounge acts is my specialty when I’m not making freshly squeezed orange juice.


The Walrus

Skating across a razor blade to find you waiting for me on the other side. I was helpless until the little lamb stepped out of the bush and laid its head in my hands. Rocking chairs are not good for the atmosphere. They make everybody want to fall asleep. The plumbing in the haunted house was working fine until someone tried to flush a hand down the toilet. Play charades naked. It’s much more amusing. Can you see the walrus?


Flu sucks space troll bridge lift came to

Horse bus train blow whistle leave now

Travel plane seat smoke fire crash weep

Leverage apple juice salad dressing eat

Starving not really hungry though lunch


Whistle round morph tangle tattoo answer

Deranged epistle countdown leverage into

Little hour every indubitable crash bunting

Polish ventilate candor able tender beauty

Tangent teepee inebriated balance ended


Airplane apple sack stick balance order

Instigate manipulate rearrange inner move

Contemplate soothing knocked sour quiet

Pointed quality imbecile Antarctica allege

Manner wall wrong renewal particular or


Jumping Jesus jail Japanese howdy terrific

Blown stickler front misuse travel contain

Abuse ameliorate stalking needlework ain’t

Talented cannibal freeze Capital leisurely

Antisocial quietly concubine stalwart solid