Cam lift announce believe north abide

Fantastic wall meal angel apple feel

Teammate never bellow towards sound

Heat mere space follow semblance fear

Smell wander inner soul life enamel

Power tackle near great upper heavy

Jello crack guest mall push reel fall sip

A Detestable Creature

God Nothing, Stands down for me.

Owing nothing, just the same,

I make a buried claim for nonsense

To be meaning for my mind,

Medicine for my soul.

In the end I cry out,

Why have you done this to me?

Put me here without a clue,

Trapped underneath the weight

Of my self-consciousness,

Losing every day,

More and more, my will to live,

My simple willingness to reach out,

My trust in my fellow human being,

My capacity to feel secure,

In anyone else’s presence,

In my own thoughts, a terror,

To be known, experienced,

In the company of innocents,

For I consider myself a crudely shaped,

Ugly imposter, whose only justice

Is to be tortured to death,

A truly shameful act,

For a shameless, detestable creature.

Ending In Sight

Trough living, hay ride diving.

We want to take it fast, over the edge,

Take us to a fall, we, let’s just say I,

Want to fall, fall, fall, into nothingness.

No one will care anyway. You can leap

From the old, rickety carriage,

As it plunges to land on top of us.

The struggle does not mean death.

It is a delivery from all the bullshit of life.

We all run into that occasionally, right?

I just want to escape, for the cease and

Desist of life to mark an ending to the

Pain. We just need a little help.


Coastal stool mark true caught draft

Hit bought stalagmite coughing whopper

Laughing commonplace stickler tight

Deeply drenched stipend grab fear movie

Jangled Persephone conjuring cooperate

Sharpened severed cooperate tangled

Yelp foul chopped splendor salvation

Reference dairy berry various grill stick

Amiable clicks topple stink mock still

We Are All Immigrants

Very too serious, emitting

Insecurity, a damper on the

Gentle breeze of humor, and

Sarcasm is abundant,

Yet the professor without it blows

Away, as academics pushes her

Out. A survivor of much pain,

Grows tougher and tougher,

Bringing the plow and steam roller

Onto the stage, in order to prove

Her point. They hide it under a

Large cloth but no one wants to be

The first to peek, at the mangled

Corpse, a victim of a broken world

And a privileged race and class

That believes they are above the

Law. It will be a beautiful day in

America when everyone realizes

Their descendants were

Immigrants too and everyone

Takes a different path that does

Not have to correspond with

Their’s, but is still just as valid.

This Hollow Mind

A shade, providing a haven from

Ghosts, miracle workers and

Thieves of the mind and soul.

Strive with the strength you have

To commit, to dedicate, to infuse

More truth into this hollow mind.

A blaze, covering the innocents,

A squall puts the inferno out.

Too soon for a deep concern, too

Late for a valorous intervention.

As flies, cockroaches scatter across

My too darkened vision, too

Blinded adjustment. To meet such

A soul, amidst a path, rolling up

The autumn breeze into a ball.

Two Faces

Two faces. Which is true? Maybe

More. Who can you trust? All

Have public presentations that

Get them far and lots of money.

Seeing them all on their expensive

Vacations makes me sick to my

Stomach. I wonder to myself if

They are all big shots with the

Government, big business, and

I’ve seen both sides of that coin,

Really well. If Government, no one

Wants to lead, as they are afraid

Of losing their job by taking

Initiative, and they know

Somewhere in the chain of

Command, their idea will not be

Appreciated by those whom have

Been there way too long.

In big business, there is alwAys

Greed. Even worse is the power

That corrupts, corrupts absolutely.

The underpaid employees suffer,

But that is not a concern when

Raising a quota or withholding

Cost of living. Capitalism at its



Enabled. A twist and turn. Cloaked

Returns unconvincing. Views

Overlapped. Spunk. Full of pride.

How in the hell can you be sure?

Trust depleted, unfollowed 90%.

Full of shit, or not interesting.

Betrayal comes in crowds.

They strengthen in numbers,

As their gossip builds, so does

Their bad attitudes. Judgement

Consumes all in its path. A lie.


Misled, observed. Slipped in

Chains. Calm, slinky. Shard

Emblem. Far excavated, charged.

Wrong piece chomp cube qualm.

Yawn blame sly grieve stick seize

Part maim rearrange hairy varnish

Pool beauty further huge jarring

Poise gloss walls zoo tools goose

Mind Games

How’s the able kid fetch in’?

Labels, all labels. Mistletoe.

Compliments and games.

Wine and cheese. Bread and

Water would be better, for

Most people, like me. Chocolate!

Unable to resist. They know this.

They have you wrapped around

Their little finger. Come! Find

The ambrosia you have been

Denied. The gods declare it so.

Find me in the clouds. Find time

To socialize. A meek perusal,

Nothing big, just a few hundred

Returning soldiers. Nothing

To worry about. And if there was

Anything amiss, we’ll keep things

Under wraps for now. I’m sure

You understand. A happy man

Is just one that never gets caught.