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Into the Mist

Reach out

Into the mist.

There, then gone.

It whispers in your ear.

Silently, it lifts

Up into the air,

Then swoops

Across the sky.

Carry it in your arms.

Roll it between

Your fingertips.

Feel it brush your leg

Like a feather.


A Light

A light twinkles

In the distance;

It is my hope,

Fragile, yet strong.

Will a big gust of wind

Blow out my candle?

I am protected

By many walls:

Meds, doctors,

Counselors, family,

Friends and helpers.

That gust of wind

Can blow if it must,

But my light will not

Be extinguished.

I will use

The tools I’ve been given.

I will continue the struggle,

And I will win.



A light bulb turns on.

Words flow like breathing.


Fellow warriors

Keeping each other company.

Along for the ride,


Be there for you,

Whenever you need someone.

Any time, any place.

Trust me.

I’ll hold out a light

So you can see your way.

Brothers and sisters

Of mental illness.



Walking round and round,

Spinning like a top.

Hope you had

A bag of gladness

To spend at the curiosity shop.

Fill the cup

To the rim.

Hope you catch

A great big brim.

Do you like

To run the course?

Horsing around,

And playing so forth?

I like the space

Between the eyes.

I like my pork chops

Grilled, not fried.

Do you see

The end of this shopping spree?

Did you spend

Every bit of your money?

How are you

At playing chicken?

I don’t mind

If I get a licking.

Tell the time

Oh, don’t be sorry.

Drink a beverage,


Adventures of a Blob

There was once a little blob. Then it grew legs and went around the block. It passed an alley where he saw another blob getting mugged by two other blobs. He thought about crying out, “Police!” But he was scared they might have guns, so he continued on his merry way around the block. He smelled cinnamon rolls cooking in a bakery, and then he stopped to buy one from the blob in the store. His day was going pretty well until he got to an open manhole in the street, which he fell into when he didn’t see it. It was pretty nasty down in the sewer, but he was a blob, and they don’t worry about such things.