Causeway please case parliamentary off

Dangling wrapper wanton waffle ill step

Radar capstone Penelope Beatles reality

Cool lifted barriers Ventura happy bloom

Pop tart Vesuvius balancing eel will dial



Walking on a short path closed down perfect hour for dancing hell if I care! Knowledge carries me through acid rain do you know the secret password to the door on the right? Oh happy go lucky swing from the jungle gym eat a banana. How have the fish been biting, lately? Do you know the pee yew of the corkscrew table tennis album send pound laughing?

Scream Out Loud

Walking in a straight line.

Falling into a hole.

Crashing against steel doors.

Yelling at a foe.

Speaking with my last breath.

Stubbing hard my toe.

Stumbling on the sidewalk.

Crunching yummy Cheetos.

Dancing to a fast beat.

Jumping up and down.

Tossing back a cold one.

Cackling to a sound.

Do you hear the satire?

Do you see the clouds?

Do you feel the instinct?

Do you scream out loud?