It’s been almost three years since I was hospitalized for a major med change. Everything went really well while I was in the hospital, although I got into a friendship with another patient that wasn’t good for me. I would end up taking medical leave for an extended amount of time and then attempt to return to work. That didn’t work out, though. I ended up back in the hospital, and, when I got out I decided to leave my job on long term disability. I hired a lawyer to help me get approved for SSDI, and after a couple denials it went to hearing and I won my case. Since then I started taking classes at Lively Technical Center. I finished the program for legal administrative specialist but decided by the last class that I wasn’t completely sure that was what I wanted to do. So, this Fall I reenrolled at Lively in hopes of getting certified in Microsoft Office. I eventually realized I was only going to be able to get certified in Microsoft Word, as Excel was too difficult and I was feeling ready to finish with school and move on to a part time job. I plan to finish the administrative office specialist program in the Spring, and start looking for a job.


A Second Chance

Sharing a place

Is the peaceful price

You pay for

Not being nice.

A wedding ring

Is not the thing

For those in a rush

To do the thing

That is forbidden.

I’d like to go back

And do things


But I probably wouldn’t.

Care Bear in Chief

Our president is a jerk.

Things he says make me smirk.

Our government is shot.

But a boost on the move

Is coming up smooth.

All these women taking over

Can only be improvement.

Just a CEO

Of the country

Is what we need.

Someone who really cares

About the people

Who live in this great country

That sometimes seems

Not so great.

Perhaps a woman

Can do the trick.

Perhaps someone

A little different,

Perhaps someone comfortable

In the lead

Or just working

Behind the scenes.

Maybe someone will turn up

Who isn’t a jerk,

Maybe someone who won’t smirk

At the mere mention

Of a little work,

A little heart,

A little dirt.

Walking with Me

Walking by weeds.

Working with steeds.

Realms of gold

Cycling to infinity.


Traps you in the scenery.

Simple facts

Contradict the Spelling Bee.

Talking to tarantulas

Occupies me.

Do you give a flying flea?

Frontal lobotomy

On the raging sea.

Why don’t you come with me

To see what you can see?

Looey Is Missing

Looey is missing. I don’t remember

When I last saw him. I know he was

Laying on the new pillow that Jackie’s

Mom made for him in the afternoon.

Sometime he went outside, and that

Was more than 24 hours ago. I hope

Nothing bad happened to him. Jackie

Said someone told her that there are

Dogs in our neighborhood that kill

Cats. I went around two blocks near

Our house and spoke to people who

Were outside. I knocked on several

Doors and rang several doorbells, but

Most people didn’t answer.