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Belly button stings seep

Poison and pain

Over the folds in the journey.

Wine flows, despite the winter.

Curious passers-by wonder

What’s the meaning of

The pulled curtains

And the dark doorstep.

Is there still a path

To reckless beauty?

Should a claimer feel shunned?


Turning in and churning out,

Pushing and pulling,

Gurgling and moving.

Rainbows cast a shadow.

Clouds bring rain.

Echoes in the valley

Bring me word of your pain.

Creatures leap and run,

Their energy is inspiring.

Happy faces bounce and sing.

Today is for the reckoning.

Simple talk brings mood insane.

Closing time at the local bar and grill.


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We the Church

Cross swinging from a chain? Sitting in church every Sunday? Giving to the church? Teaching Sunday School? What makes a Christian? As if that matters anymore. The world has written us off as elitist, racist, oppressive, unwelcoming, manipulative, money grabbing, ignorant, delusional…the list goes on. When will we realize that inside we are all the same? Mexican, Russian or African; Christian, Muslim or Jew. Or whatever. We all want to be safe, secure and part of a loving community. Maybe we need to do away with religion so we can concentrate on the spiritual. Love is the common bond for all of us.

Us and Them

Make lack meandering echoes spaghetti mice swastika rely meek deed pointy hats white robes suit and tie is this me? My race has a history of rape, murder and torture. What is left? Too many t’s go uncrossed. Too many lives get wrecked. Where is the old glory? Was it real, or was it simply a sordid, infected power, built on the backs of Africans, imprisoned, kidnapped and enslaved? What is the path ahead? When will we learn? Too much blood has been shed. Too many nightmares. Too much oppression. Too many suffering, hungry, fatherless children. Who will save them?