Cheetos and Milk

Huge eyeballs bounce across the desert

Floor. Ovens cook chocolate chip cookies

And pizza for the crazy party we’re having

In a few minutes. Can you count the suns

Jumping down the road in rush hour speed

Of sound? I vote for more Cheetos and milk.

Time Warp

We were creeping up the back stairway,

When all of a sudden we heard a blood

Curdling rainbow crack out of a cream

Cheese sandwich in the garbage can. I 

Gripped the pant legs of my sister until I

Heard the voice of a ghost sing the National

Anthem from the window sill. I jumped up

And ran like a son of a gun until my pants

Fell down. I realized I left my watch on the

Ground in the back alley. So much for time.

A Mix

Create a space to plaster your face all over

The wall. When the Indians come, the

Cowboys run. But the guns bring a quick

End to all the fuss. It must be that Martians

Completely inhabit a large span of

Cornfields in eastern Idaho. Let’s make a


Monsters Amuck

Did you see the front page on the Googley-

Eye Gazette? Apparently, there’s monsters

Amuck, and they haven’t stopped yet! 

They’re eating eggs and chickens and

Chicken houses! They’re stomping on

Purses and people and Paris, too! I don’t

Like the way things are going. Perhaps, we

Ought to go on a safari to get out of here. I

Know. Let’s all cuddle up together, say a

Prayer, and go to sleep. Things always look

Better in the morning, don’t you agree?

A Train Ride Dream

Going on adventures in my frame of mind,

Inside my brain the discoveries I find! It’s

So simple to cross the terrain, when you

Don’t have to be qualified to drive the train!

Smoke ebbs above my path, as I pass the

Trees and other land masses. I’d like to

Create them from toothpicks and plastic!

As I round the bend to the end of my ride,

I awake just before with a wall to collide!

Even Days

Slinking down a frown, I’m determined to

Be found. I try to attack, but I don’t have

Quite the knack. Sometimes, when the wind

Blows through my sleeves, I take out all the

Leaves in my tables. Only on even days, tho.