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A Meaningful Man

Looking deep down into the ground,
I see my reflection without a sound.
I am not swinging from tree to tree.
I am not raising a family.

Suddenly, a piercing cry
Makes my heart jump, as if to die.
I can't comprehend the meaning of
The darkness that is rising up.

In a still moment I ponder whether
My life is more than a gliding feather.
I want to know I have a plan.
I'm sure I'll prove a meaningful man.


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Never Break or Bend

You might think I've lost my mind,
But all I've lost is you.
You might say I can't get by,
Well that might be half true.

Do you see the sun is rising
Behind the mountain top?
I can feel the light
Bathing me not sought.

I like talking to my good old friends
I like singing, but won't the stage be sent.
Let's go forward to the very end.
We'll come back, never break or bend.


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Jumping in, I feel the sides sinking down.
Falling forward, the sound I cry unfolds.
Do you know how much it hurts?
Do you feel the pain oozing out?

How many times must I listen to
My beating heart aching for you?
Now I see the everlasting
Point of tension in my chest.

Closing doors cut me off
From the source of life so true
I am spacing out, busting through
So much I understand is blue.


Spinning in circles in my mind
I struggle hard to try to find
A reason for me being here
It's things like that which aren't so clear.

Do you know what time it is?
Do you even care?
I'm not bothered by the weather,
Unless I can't get from here to there.

Can you sing a happy song
When you're not feeling up to par?
Can you force a grin,
When your worries number like the stars?

I would like to leave myself behind.
Not concerned with all the signs.
Can you see what I'm getting at?
Don't bother figuring that.