Two Inches of Cats

Who’s gonna buy me two inches of rain and

Two inches of cats? Clay tablets on a

Mountainside slide slowly down to conk

Someone on the head. I wish Coca-Cola

Would put a tiger on their cans; they’d sell

More that way.

Cheese and Crackers

Flung famished fortune cookie peddlers

Crossed a busy highway on their little bikes,

And ended up falling into a great big mud

Puddle full of ducks and geese. Cheese and

Crackers are tasty in the morning after



Birds swoop underneath forks and spoons

Full of spaghetti. Haunted houses collide

With wrecked cars on empty highways in

The middle of the howling, angry night. I

Had hoped I would get more money when I

Placed my bet at the ATM. Here’s to cheers!

Cheetos and Milk

Huge eyeballs bounce across the desert

Floor. Ovens cook chocolate chip cookies

And pizza for the crazy party we’re having

In a few minutes. Can you count the suns

Jumping down the road in rush hour speed

Of sound? I vote for more Cheetos and milk.

Time Warp

We were creeping up the back stairway,

When all of a sudden we heard a blood

Curdling rainbow crack out of a cream

Cheese sandwich in the garbage can. I 

Gripped the pant legs of my sister until I

Heard the voice of a ghost sing the National

Anthem from the window sill. I jumped up

And ran like a son of a gun until my pants

Fell down. I realized I left my watch on the

Ground in the back alley. So much for time.

A Mix

Create a space to plaster your face all over

The wall. When the Indians come, the

Cowboys run. But the guns bring a quick

End to all the fuss. It must be that Martians

Completely inhabit a large span of

Cornfields in eastern Idaho. Let’s make a


Monsters Amuck

Did you see the front page on the Googley-

Eye Gazette? Apparently, there’s monsters

Amuck, and they haven’t stopped yet! 

They’re eating eggs and chickens and

Chicken houses! They’re stomping on

Purses and people and Paris, too! I don’t

Like the way things are going. Perhaps, we

Ought to go on a safari to get out of here. I

Know. Let’s all cuddle up together, say a

Prayer, and go to sleep. Things always look

Better in the morning, don’t you agree?