Journey of Comfort

Black dots scattered in the air,

Above my head, folding in.

Red pieces of clay, stuck to my shoe,

Covering footprints, hovering around me.

I want to go on a journey,

Without leaving home,

Without sacrificing what is familiar to me.

I want to meet you

In a jungle, beside a river,

Closing my hands together,

Above a campfire, singing

Familiar words

To a familiar tune.

Freedom is my goal, but

Comfort is my preoccupation.

Can I have one,

Without losing the other?



Dark splats cover the head,

Driven insane by death and doubt.

Blood drips from heavy hands,

Weighed down by worry and despair.

A coat lays on the shoulders

Of a man trapped in a recording

That repeats over and over again.

There is no escape for an obsessed man.

Polite words crawl out of his mouth.

He is eager to please, eager to end

The shameful suffering of those

Cooped up inside the temple.

Where can we go? They cry.

When will it all end? They whisper.

To submerge in the holy water

Is the dream of my home,

And of my people.

To be washed clean

Of this heaviness,

Of this trauma,

Of this unclean spirit.

Free me now!

Have mercy!

Please, have mercy.


Scars left from teeth bared

Sunken deep in tender flesh,

Pointed ears casting a drooping shadow

On your empty bed.

Silent screams echo in your head,

Mongrel creatures claw over your body.

Blood drips from open wounds.

Who has visited on this dark day?

Who has given the fateful command

To demons and devils,

Legions of rebels,

Wanting only to cast the last straw?

My name is in his pitiful memory.

My shadow clings to his body.

My spirit is trapped in his hand.

Remember the challenge,

Dread the day,

When all will be turned

Upside down

And inside out.

A lion will roar,

From the top of the mountain.

A lamb will lay down,

In peace, with no treachery.


Resurrect myself,

Through the points of light

Shooting through the dirt,

Through my fingertips.

Yes, I know,

No-man’s land is no place

For optimism or happy talk.

My house is covered with tears,

Falling from the sky.

My God reigns—I can’t deny it.

But he is yours and theirs, too.

Everyone can accept the invitation.

Come as you are,

And drink plentifully

Of the river of life.

Yes, you. Whoever you are.

You are welcome.