Zooming Around

Zooming around

From the stars to the ground,

And back again. Is it a sin?

I wonder all about

The simple things, and pout.

Boy, it’s a mess,

And I must confess

That you are the best.

Do you know how

We can break out of this now?

I want to go

Where I can flee to and fro.

I hope

That you can offer

A way to make it stop.

All I know

Is that I remember

That I told you so.


Leaping Luggage

Leaping over a lounging lizard,

In the middle of a raging blizzard,

Is not a pastime I’d encourage,

Even if you took my luggage.

If you ask me for the time,

I would say it’s not a crime,

But don’t expect an accurate telling,

And never grade me on my spelling.

Do you think there is some truth

To what they say but never prove?

Is it where I put it last,

Inside a bucket of plaster caste?