Fear of Difference

The place of fear envelops here.

No way to tell, what’s coming

From the rear, or what’s ahead.

The smoking mirror is an illusion.

Sometimes I wonder where

Is truth in life? Where do the two

Intersect, when it really matters?

Lies confuse, swallow what’s real.

The lie I feel to be real, is

That which hangs around my neck,

When I gather in spaces,

Of those with like mindedness.

Bricks and mortar, or digital

Groups, it doesn’t matter.

Both are full of walls, constructed

Alike, to keep others out.

I am out, even if I am in.

I am not present, when the lies

Begin. I step out, of my own

Volition, when the air is thin.

I have no patience, for groups

Dividing, over fears of others,

Who do not threaten. Being

Unique is not a sin,

Without or within.

Yet, I find in my behavior,

The same judgment, of myself,

And those around me.

Perhaps, it is most true,

In those who are least comfortable

With themselves or others,

A state of being, most common.

And with the discomfort,

Comes a fear, a sense of

Vulnerability, to be devoured,

By the enemies that exist,

Even if those enemies are created,

In ones own mind alone,

For we also put up walls around

Ourselves, in order to protect,

Even if there is no need,

For we do not realize, sometimes,

Who is with and who is against, for

Those who put up walls,

Can be our greatest friends.

I hope I come to see, the company

That’s all around me, is the asset

Best to help me, my true family.


Cringe scoop baffle spat below invincible

Scrooge minnow beeping label bereave

Stupid man cub belittle amble sellable

Model steer valuable fearing yanking it

Plausible happy humongous raucous few


Resist come close honk believe mere not

Run, run, run! Oval mint tribe cute tangle

Nervous weird quality cadaver maneuver 

Angel yuck port emblem stock kite class

Prevent hack cackle grease drink wallet

Bread veal poop rake topple rewind wire

Tools xylophone fought wall caught weep

My Covenant Prayer

I used to make plans,

To dream, to covet things,

To see myself in powerful places,

But now, I want to be

Wherever you put me,

With whom it is,

Even if it is so painful,

That I can barely stand it

(You have been there),

Even if I am unemployed,

Or employed for you, only,

At the bottom of a pit,

With not much to live on

(Sometimes it seems that way),

Or feeling lost, abandoned,

Meaningless, wandering,

With no purpose,

I give you all that I have.

We belong to each other.

I rely on you for everything.

Let this earthly covenant

Be ratified in heaven.



Lever smooth angel camera talent tease

Crave ache cheese quiet waste putrid

Koala beep mere vault peek grains fear

Tarantula weeping year grants depend

Career grieve punch joke hemp brawl

Piling grease tax zap kicking present fit

Crease temple reach deepening seep all

So Loud´╗┐

Heh be done just done

When it comes to finally

A groan erupts From my body

I cannot stand it Living in such silly

No soul, no mind, no sign

Of compassion or humanity.

I don’t know how long I can stand

The eruptions, ironic ceremonies,

Below the belt commentaries.

It really disappoints to hear and see

The squabbles and serenity 

Depending on the night and day

Somebody even said it was the officer

Friendly being too friendly with a local

Lady whom he should have been taking to

The jail since the law from many ages ago

Enough about family so to speak to sing

Making the best of so many tragedies

Humph I gave it away could have been

Another’s story, perchance, nobody else

Could be as stupid as my family so loud


Intimate numbing of the minds a creative

Return to the clock strikes early too much

Peanut butter toast will fill your belly on

Old bread, but whole grain, mind you, if

The body strikes the notch skill might

Let’s go fishing from the pier at the back

Of our most scary imagination in the spot

Where we throw it all in the blender we

Hope something good will come of it but

Nothing ever does we keep on, not quite

Realizing the insanity of it all, the tiny bit

Morphs into the demon on your shoulder,

It clings, it sings, it whispers things that

Might disturb you, with a healthy set of

Wings, in a life of purity, of paradise, of

No stress or money. So, what do you do,

In this new found string of past times and

Experiential happenings, a couple stings,

For the family winged way to perfection


In review the view is smooth the rocks

Are true all a name a tune in key do you

Move with coo  do the do realm ba do be

Here we are prove the radio tunes manure

Halo grew Jew poo we crew boo hew few

Lick tick mew vroom dew true womb boo

Argue tomb drew phew goo ol’ sew pew

Jack Pink

Circles to boxes no matter how mum

Being in a nice room with no clutter

Invite everyone have a party relax get

Used to it have a happy hut strife they’ve

Been  there they had that slop

Incorporation meal trickle brick southern

Feet mall sick Alpha veteran could

Wooden shop elder Molly poll yack volt

Wall great delay ink toggle front good

Regal involuntary bug queen food ralk 

Rude fought walk poison group biggest

Yack  zoom green jack pink live happy