Fill My Soul

Dripping down, I feel my bones

Melting in the blazing heat.

Expectation and judgment closing in.

It is of my own creation.

No one else but me.

It echoes in the chambers

Of my heart.

It rings a hollow noise

Through the rooms of my soul.

My body clings

To what it desires.

My mind is weak

Compared to what it could be.

I yearn for something real,

Something true.

Something to fill

This empty bowl.

Fill my soul, Lord.

Stop Knocking My Knees

Just sitting here wondering why,

Wishing I was a bird in the sky,

Flying around in the breeze,

Instead of trying to stop

Knocking my knees. Oh, please,

Stop knocking my knees

Stop knocking my knees

I wish I was stronger,

So I could stop knocking my knees!

Have you ever wondered

Where your soul comes from,

And where it goes in the end?

Do you question 

Whether or not a spirit

Lives inside of you?

Do you think when it’s over,

That you’ll be riding on top,

Or are you afraid

You’ll be dragging behind?

I just want to be sure

Of some kind of victory.

It doesn’t have to be much.

I just want to be free.

And for What it’s worth

Please stop knocking my knees!

The End

Sometimes I wonder where the river flows.

I yearn for ice and water and fire falling

From the sky. Don’t you know that the end

Of the journey comes before you realize. If

You hold your breath, you can count the

Days that fly by in a nightmare flash. Yes.


Banana inner tub laughing hallowed mess

Trying toward crisp tangent tangled steep

Indian apple face lured kneel television and

Angel rewind venison quiet stool moving ill

Reefer still meal mapping stacked stooped

Among Them

Jumping across glaciers on a steep

Mountainside, I feel the cherry twizzlers

Wrap around my neck. They tighten so that

I can feel the gas grill in my stomach push

Up through the misty river gate among

Several fierce animalistic angry pharoahs.

Nothing Never

Inside my mind I hear a rattle.

I start to climb up to the middle.

Where it takes me makes me shiver.

Don’t you know I’m feeling dizzy.

The path of least resistance 

Is the surest way to trouble.

How I want to escape

From this tired bubble.

Something promises

A change is coming.

Somehow I feel

There is a turning.

Hope abounds around the corner.

Do you see the closing never?