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Alone in need of something real substance lasting for ever and ever God hears my prayer he reaches out I reach out we both come together on a plain we’re in the same dimension for a short moment can it last yes and no I don’t see him I don’t feel him I don’t smell him I can’t touch him I don’t taste him I don’t hear him I can I do same thing in that bread and wine yeah you’ve got it right there!


Walking outside cascading down a waterfall jumping through hoops running at full speed then tumbling over in a somersault. Mooching for a bite slobbering a drink of water cooped up in a chicken house don’t know what happiness is after all. Taking flying lessons from a vice president oh funny how you roll with it just want to fly forget all the paperwork and responsibility I just want to blast off!


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My love started small,

With my family.

My mind learned,

But my heart was afraid

To venture out

Into the unknown.

To trust, to care,

To ask, to share—

There is risk in love.

One can always be rejected.


One is misunderstood.


It is a game,

For some people.

And for some,

It’s for high stakes,

From reputation,

To finances,

To children.

Broken love

Can be very costly

To all sides.

But love is worth

All the loss

That can follow it.

As a wise person said,

“Better to have loved, and lost,

Than never to have loved at all.”

Summer Stroll

Meander along

The old country path

Between the oaks,

Wearing Spanish moss in their hair.

The breeze stirs up

The dusty pollen

You give a sneeze,

As you gaze at the trees.

Life bubbles out

Of every crevice.

Ants march along

On a mission.

Gnats swarm around

Your sweaty forehead.

Moths and butterflies

Dance above the shrubs.

Wildflowers decorate

The in-between.

I whistle a humble tune,

And kick a few pebbles

Down the path.

The sun peeks through the trees,

But the shade covers us.

Perhaps, we should head back,

And have a glass of sweet tea.

Jungle Rhythm

Tick, tock.

I close my eyes, and sway

To the gentle rhythm

Of drums in the distance,

As the clocks tick

And keep the beat.

My heart beats—

Fascinating rhythm!

Do you feel the breeze

Blowing through the trees,

Humming to a tune,

Catching my hand

As it sways back and forth

Above the tall grass,

Swaying in the breeze?

I ask you, please?

Come with me, and jump

From tree to tree!