Closing In

Glistening eyes


From behind.

The clock ticks.

The dog howls

In the moonlit night.

Running through the street,

I search for you.

Close your eyes

And count to ten.

Listen to the beetles

Fluttering and buzzing

Around the porch.

Nothing ends

Like a funeral.

A simple type

Of dark words

Closing in on my face.



Have some pancakes.

Walk the dog.

Wash the dishes.

Nearby is true.

Close the door.

Quiz tomorrow.

Relax yourself.

Climb the mountain.

She is here.

Close call is scary.

Funeral ending.

Fried foods are tasty.

Taking a Chance

Don’t know the outcome

Until it’s too late to run.

Trapped in a trailer,

No, flooding isn’t fun.

How many days

Will we go without power?

How many times

Did they say get out now, or else?

Storm surge is wicked.

Never seen such a thing.

It filled up my house,

And might just drowned me!

They said we should leave,

But we’re taking a chance.

Maybe God will intervene

To save a smarty pants.

Dusk on the Shore

Coast into the sunset.

The sea gulls cry out one last time,

Swooping down to scavenge.

Down the beach, a campfire blazes.

The water rolls up on the shore.

Fishermen bring in their nets,

After a day’s work is done.

A young boy in a straw hat

Reels in his fishing pole,

Closes his tackle box,

Picks up his bucket of fish,

And heads home in the dimming light.


Did you, too?

Have you been there?

Do you, really?

Thank you.

I’m glad you’re here.

I’m glad I’M here.

This is work.

I want to get better.

I wish I could sleep.

I sleep too much.

I’m ready to commit to that.

I’m ready to quit.

I trust you.

Thank you for being there for me.