Urgent Care Blues

Sitting in a waiting room,

Waiting for my turn.

Stuffed up in my sinuses

Feeling like a turd.

Hoping I don’t have to take

Yucky cough medicine.

Maybe they’ll cut me a break,

Make the mucus thin.

Probably have to get

An antibiotic.

Boy, the time is ticking now.

Wish I had some music.

I wonder if all the people

In this room right here

Have a cold like mine

Or maybe worse, I fear.

Hopefully I won’t have to wait

Too much longer now.

My time is coming soon.

I don’t have to frown.


Pull a Load Down a Road

Hanging from a cliff,

I look down and ponder the drop.

Looking up, I wonder if I could jump.

I check my arm, and I feel a lump.

Go team! Run down the road.

Get ready to pull a load.

Do you know the secret

Of the Winnie the Pooh?

Do you feel the heart

Of the country in your blood?

Do you see the end

Of the second chance mold?

A Second Guess

How do you know

What to do

When you don’t feel quite right,

And you’re not getting through

Life unscathed,

And you can’t really sue?

I wonder

If I should have

Gone to get help

When my empty head

Was playing tricks on me.

I wonder if I should have stayed,

When I had a choice to make.

But was I free to choose?

Family and friends

Supported me.

The doctors were helpful,

So also the nurses,

Some of them, anyway.

I think it was good

That I stuck around,

But the journey was full

Of grief and regret.

Hindsight’s 20/20,

As they say.

Sharing Your Struggles


Is golden, but costly.

Holding it all in

Can be quite a sin.


We need to share

Our doubts and fears,

Our dreams and nightmares.

And we need to listen,

To give support,

To extend a hand

In goodwill.

You are important to me,

And I know

I’m important to you.

So I’d like to soothe

Your anxiety.

Let’s be a team

To overcome life’s struggles.

Care Bear in Chief

Our president is a jerk.

Things he says make me smirk.

Our government is shot.

But a boost on the move

Is coming up smooth.

All these women taking over

Can only be improvement.

Just a CEO

Of the country

Is what we need.

Someone who really cares

About the people

Who live in this great country

That sometimes seems

Not so great.

Perhaps a woman

Can do the trick.

Perhaps someone

A little different,

Perhaps someone comfortable

In the lead

Or just working

Behind the scenes.

Maybe someone will turn up

Who isn’t a jerk,

Maybe someone who won’t smirk

At the mere mention

Of a little work,

A little heart,

A little dirt.

Walking with Me

Walking by weeds.

Working with steeds.

Realms of gold

Cycling to infinity.


Traps you in the scenery.

Simple facts

Contradict the Spelling Bee.

Talking to tarantulas

Occupies me.

Do you give a flying flea?

Frontal lobotomy

On the raging sea.

Why don’t you come with me

To see what you can see?