Zooming Around

Zooming around

From the stars to the ground,

And back again. Is it a sin?

I wonder all about

The simple things, and pout.

Boy, it’s a mess,

And I must confess

That you are the best.

Do you know how

We can break out of this now?

I want to go

Where I can flee to and fro.

I hope

That you can offer

A way to make it stop.

All I know

Is that I remember

That I told you so.

Leaping Luggage

Leaping over a lounging lizard,

In the middle of a raging blizzard,

Is not a pastime I’d encourage,

Even if you took my luggage.

If you ask me for the time,

I would say it’s not a crime,

But don’t expect an accurate telling,

And never grade me on my spelling.

Do you think there is some truth

To what they say but never prove?

Is it where I put it last,

Inside a bucket of plaster caste?


Pushing through the air,

Like Saran Wrap, it clings

To my tongue.

Gripping the hands on the clock

With the edges of my mind.

Rolling my body out

Onto the edge of an abyss.

Looking down, my reflection

Is captured, and swallowed whole.

Swinging back and forth,

Sitting on a pendulum.

Counting the echoing ticks

Of the grandfather clock.

When will I be free

From slavery to time?

A Beginning

Glide on my back, above the city.

Turn a corner, feet first.

Steam rises from the underground.

It begins to drizzle.

Pass through a mist,

At the entrance to the train station.

Closet caterpillars squirm on a leaf.

Butterflies emerge from cocoons.

Crickets chirp in the dark.

The sun begins to rise,

And birds sing a welcome song.

Another day begins.