Shining Dots

Lock that clock that shining dot so square you scared no not me thankfully so what do you think tape that mighty in a talking rap wait no play yes stay I don’t stare yes you do okay I lied I do squeeze the Charmin if you please my teeth are greasy no I’m not a pilot come closer yes meat and cheese and butter and cream and lots of milk to drink tasty yep

We Are One

I waited for you

On top of the mountain,

But you didn’t show.

I went down

Into the valley,

But I didn’t see you there.

I sailed on the ocean,

Hoping to catch

A glimpse of you at sunrise,

But I was disappointed.

I prayed to you

To appear to me,

And I looked at my reflection

In a pool of water.

It was then that I realized–

You were always with me,

For you are a part of me.

We can never be separated,

You and I.

We are One.