To Go Home

If I could go
Where I want to go,
I would go home–
Not home, as in a house,
But home, as in a state of being.
I want to rest, to be released,
To reach an end to all this pain.
To dwell in a world of panic,
To live in a mind of torture,
Seems to be the way for me.
But, oh, to have peace, once again.
I do yearn for that.
To find peace again,
Would be the sweetest of gifts.
To be set free
From this mortal coil,
Would be a deliverance,
A bit of justice,
A bit of mercy.
But how? Who? Where?
What can be done?
I was born into this life
To experience this life,
To feel these feelings,
To have these thoughts.
And, for what purpose?
To know the suffering of Christ?
To have my body broken,
Like his, to comfort the weak?
To have mercy as he had mercy,
Hanging on that cross?
Forgive them, Father.
Forgive them.

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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