The Journey

Cascading clouds
Cover a rainbow.
Pouring rain
Floods the streets.
Why would the moose
Hang himself by a noose?
Why try, when you can say goodbye?
Let’s do this: go straight
Until the puddle covers your shoes.
Let’s go to the end of the river,
Where fishes fly,
And splash in the current.
Follow the dirt path
Into the woods.
Smell the blossoms
Of the forest flowers.
Pine and oak trees
Make a canopy
Above your head.
Living strongly,
And dying slowly.
The journey goes on.


Embrace the darkness.
Catch a scent in the cool air
Of a hearth burning slowly.
Sink into a hot bath,
Feel the soap suds,
And the soft water
Caress your body.
Touch the cool inside
Of an aloe plant,
Dab the ointment
On your tender skin.
Crawl down into the warm blankets,
Stretching your legs,
Getting comfy.
Stick the tip of your nose
Out from under the covers,
Just to check to see
How cold it is.
Drink Dark Chocolate Sensation,
Feel it pass down
Your dry throat.
Take a walk outside
In the moonlight,
Stepping on wet leaves.
Yes, winter has arrived.

To Go Home

If I could go
Where I want to go,
I would go home–
Not home, as in a house,
But home, as in a state of being.
I want to rest, to be released,
To reach an end to all this pain.
To dwell in a world of panic,
To live in a mind of torture,
Seems to be the way for me.
But, oh, to have peace, once again.
I do yearn for that.
To find peace again,
Would be the sweetest of gifts.
To be set free
From this mortal coil,
Would be a deliverance,
A bit of justice,
A bit of mercy.
But how? Who? Where?
What can be done?
I was born into this life
To experience this life,
To feel these feelings,
To have these thoughts.
And, for what purpose?
To know the suffering of Christ?
To have my body broken,
Like his, to comfort the weak?
To have mercy as he had mercy,
Hanging on that cross?
Forgive them, Father.
Forgive them.