Lack smack tangle rout make
Elevate telecommunicate sour
Grapes mouth orange marks
Of quiet takes smothered rank
Margin state power lost twisted
Frost alleviate sake mellow sate
Wrong tender talent rearrange
Benevolent cancer render ate
Mend counted create quit sake
Rake stop salivate quack sack


Deep, down below,
I lie alone,
Writhing in pain
Until I go insane.
Is this a sentence
For my past sins?
Is this what happens
When I lose,
And God wins?
What is here for me?
So many blessings,
But I can’t grasp them.
I can’t enjoy them.
I can’t feel them.
So many people
Trying to help me,
Yet it is pointless,
As I continue suffering.
No one can make it
Go away.
No one can heal me.
I must endure
Whatever wretched path
That I am given.
Oh, to escape!
To go to heaven!
Anything to stop
The torture,
The pain,
The anxiety.
Please, God,
Have mercy on me.