American Sniper

A hero.
But is this someone
To inspire us, really?
Is this what we want our children
To dream of being,
When they grow up?
Someone who kills people
For a living?
Yes, he saved many lives,
And that is admirable, in itself,
But does that mean
We should glorify it?
Should we all read the book
And watch the movie?
Is it that important?
Obviously, to the military,
He was a very good man.
But is killing
Something to admire?
He was very skilled.
He helped others.
He killed more people
Than anyone before.
Something seems wrong
With that picture.
There is nothing wrong
With the man.
It is we who are in the wrong.
The man did
What he was supposed to do.
Now, what are we supposed to do?
That is the question.


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