New poetry book now available on Amazon

Book has been updated now with a few corrections, here and there. New and improved!

Stumbling along the sidewalk

My new poetry book is now available on Amazon for $5.99!

If you’d like a copy, just click on this link:



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Make Him Proud!

Make a road
To wherever you’re going.
Follow your soul
To wherever it takes you.

Believe in yourself.
Believe there is a God,
Because to not believe,
Is to give up.

There is still good
In this broken world.
There is still hope
In people’s hearts.

Keep trying.
Keep giving.
Keep holding on
To whatever you believe in.

Strive to improve
Help others
Do the same.

But expect no one
To change for you.
Only you
Are accountable to you.

We are all free
To create our own destiny.
Take whatever talents
God has given you,

And create
Something meaningful,
Something beautiful,
Something new.

God has given us all
A spark of himself
Deep down in our hearts.
Find God in yourself.

And make him proud!