Don’t Complain

If I dare,
Yes, if I dare
To be normal,
Would it scare you?

It might be
That I am cruel,
Or, maybe,
I might be a fool.

I might justify
My actions,
Common to
Us, Anglo-saxons.

I might say,
It’s okay to hate.
I might even

I might lump you all
I might think
That I am better.

There’s nothing wrong
With criticizing.
When you’re Number One,
You should flaunt it!

I’m much better
Than all you, Liberals.
I can say
My times tables.

So, let me have
Your worst, come on.
I can take it,
I’m the bomb.

Don’t tell me
To be ashamed.
You’re the one
Who should be blamed.

You, and all
The media
Have blown this thing
Way up, I tell ya’.

There is nothing wrong
With being
Greedy with my
Hard-earned money.

Why should I care
About the rest?
I’m what matters.
I’m the best!

So, don’t complain.
I don’t care.
I am normal.
Does that scare you?