God Here with Us

To touch God,
Even for a moment,
Would be a great privilege.
Can we do so?

My prayers,
Sometimes answered,
Sometimes not,
Allow this,

But I wonder,
Is it real?
Is God as close
As some say?

At various times
In my life,
I have believed
That God is close,

As close as can be.
He is all around us,
And inside of us,
Part of our very being.

God moves through us,
In words and deeds
Of compassion
And mercy.

God speaks through us,
As we comfort one another.
God touches us,
As we reach out to each other.

But what of the times
When it feels like
We are all alone?
Are our hearts hardened?

Where is God
When we are afraid?
Is he here beside us?
Does he feel our fear?

It would seem
That all we have to do
Is ask God into our heart,
And he will come in,

But sometimes,
That just seems too easy.
And life gets in the way.
Suffering produces doubt.

Why does God allow
Such bad things to happen,
If he really cares about us?
It is a mystery.

It is we who cause it,
Or someone, or something
That is a part of the imperfect world

That we live in.
It is not God
That causes bad things to happen.

But, is he
All powerful?
Is he full of mercy?
Is he compassionate?

Why does God
Seem like such a twisted person,
When we consider
All the evil in the world?

Who is to blame?
Or does blaming
Completely miss the point?
Blaming really doesn’t solve anything.

So, perhaps,
God is not the problem,
But neither is he always
The solution.

We need to look within
For that.

Or, maybe,
Instead of trying
To escape from suffering,
We should embrace it,

Simply asking God
To give us the strength
To bear it,
And go from there.