Love has no fear
In the face of a fist
Or a pistol to the head.
Love does not give up
When it is turned away.
Love overcomes
When it is denied service.
Love stays the course
When there is not much to eat.
Loves gives everything
When there is nothing
To feed the baby.
Love holds on
When love does not get hired.
Love forgives
Those who maim and torture.
Love does not despair
When love is locked away in prison.
Love wants to believe
If only there was something
In which to believe.
Love believes anyway,
No matter what the cost.
Love has no pride.
Love is not cocky.
Love is not angry.
Love is merciful
To those who are cruel.
Love wants to be
Your new best friend.
Love creates
Something out of nothing.
Love will remain
When all others turn away.
Love follows you
When you enter a dark alley.
Love touches you
Deep down inside.
Love gives all.
Love believes all.
Love hopes all.
Love is always there,
Whether you know it or not.
Love conquers all.

I Believe

I believe
God is here with me.
I believe
He is in my heart.
I believe
God watches over me.
I believe
God feels my pain.
I believe
That when I grieve,
God cries with me.
When I hurt,
God hurts, too.
When I’m scared,
God comforts me.
When I doubt,
God helps me believe
In something,
That is greater than me.
“There’s a sweet, sweet spirit
In this place,
And I know that it’s the spirit
Of the Lord.”
Well said.