God thought.
Trying to understand it all.
Trying to keep up
With the Joneses?
Give it up.
The Joneses in your “church”
Are not in the “Church”.
What is the Church, anyway?
What does that word mean?
Today, there are so many
Different kinds of churches,
That the word is in danger
Of losing its meaning.
And with all the hypocrisy,
That may just be a part
Of being human,
Any idealism about it
Suffers dramatically.
There was a time
When the Roman Catholic Church
Was the Church.
Some still think so.
But “catholic” means
There is nothing universal
About the Roman Catholic Church,
Or any church, for that matter,
Except as it is a part of
The greater Church.
But, enough about church.
Back to God.
What if Jesus
Was just a man?
Or, better yet,
What if there is a bit of God
In all of us?
What if we all
Have the potential
To be as close to God,
As fully God,
As Jesus?
And, what if
We can do this
Through a range
Of religions,
Not just the ones
That our culture
Approves of?
What if Muhammad,
Buddha and Jesus
Were all men
Who were very close to God,
As much Son of Man
As anyone?
After all,
There was more to Jesus,
Than we know?
Maybe Jesus
Was as human
As anyone else.
You certainly wouldn’t think so
By reading the Bible.
What were his weaknesses,
His faults, his doubts?
What were his sins?
How could he be fully human
If he never sinned?
And did he really claim
To be God,
Son of God, Savior, Lamb of God?
Or were these just terms
That were applied to him by others,
Like John the Baptist,
The Apostle Paul,
John the Beloved Disciple,
And others in the Roman Catholic,
Protestant, and other parts
Of the Christian church?
And what about the Jews?
After all,
Jesus, his disciples, Paul,
And all the patriarchs
Were Jews.
Why don’t they agree
With what Christians say
About Jesus?
Is it because of how maligned
Their history
And religion was by us?
Is it the evils done
In the name of Jesus?
Or is there more to it than that?
The same thing
Is happening to Muslims today
By our supposedly
“Christian” nation.
It is very sad, really.
Why can’t we love and respect
Each other, instead of always
Why can’t we learn
From each other?
We could be blessing each other,
Instead of killing each other.
So much blood
On all of our hands.
The history of the world
Is a sad, sad story.
So, where is God in all this?
Is he everywhere,
In every person?
Or is he nowhere?
Or is he only revealed
To a select few?
Is justice coming?
Is love here?
Is there going to be
A New Jerusalem,
Or has it come and gone already,
Condemned to be
A war zone?
Where is truth?