A Wonderful World

God plus doubt equals faith.
Trust, love, hope soon to follow,
Or maybe not so soon.
Caution: trembling nights ahead.
Difficulties galore.
Emptiness and struggle.
Rejection and peer pressure.
Condemnation and abuse.
Following instructions
Gets you nothing worth anything,
But you might survive
And maybe resist suicide,
Or, perhaps, gain more reasons
To do it, anyway.
Groupthink calls your name.
Television mindset,
Just coasting along,
Resisting any original thought.
No critical thoughts allowed.
No critiques of the boring sermons,
The tone and hints
Of intolerance and brainwashing.
How to join in,
When my attitude
Is not conducive to it.
My mind shuts tight
Out of fear of losing it.
My insanity is more sane
Than your logic.
My light is brighter
Than your search/spotlight.
Your hanging lamp
In an interrogation room,
Full of torture devices,
Designed to retrieve a confession,
Whether or not it’s true.
Tremble in your pew.
Tremble in communion.
Gasp in prayer,
As I push my political agenda
In every prayer,
Glorifying violence,
Respecting those who oppress.
Power-hungry politicians
Hoard money and attention,
Leaving the poor and needy
To fend for themselves,
Or die in misery.
It’s a wonderful world, after all.


Great tangents
Call for more wine.
Stopping thoughts
Is a hobby of mine.

Galant horses
Gallop freely.
Steel cages
Confine, really.

Happy goof-offs
Wander in a manner
That precludes all illusions
About eating spam.

Taken groundhogs
Tap the covers.
Green-headed Guatemalans
Greet chip-clips.

Chicken-hearted geek squads
Cave in very smoothly.
Harvard squeeze bottles
Annunciate koala bears.

Vacuum makers
Map out adventure spots.
Mere stop signs
Have no pop-tarts.

Leaking table reindeer
Get tangled in kicking kept.
Kitchen morphing hornets
Catch Ralph knees.