Touch feel heal mercy
Compassion aching pain
Sore anxiety piercing
Throbbing hole abyss
Empty life prayer God
Forgiveness sin Christ
Jesus sacrifice cross
Paid judgment end
Return end new whole
Body love connection
Knowing me unique
Image child cherished
Son abandoned fear
Terrified justification
Confusion broken
Brotherhood fellowship
Divine blood communion


Prayer seems like
A crazy thing, sometimes.
Talking to God,
What a concept.

Is God that accessible?
Seems we think
A lot of ourselves

To take it for granted
That God is available
To us at any time,
In any place.

But that seems to be
What the Bible tells us.
Again, the Bible, already.
Another can of worms.

Some say it is just
A collection of writings
By different authors
Over the span

Of hundreds of years.
It is inspired by God,
But God is not the author.

Does that make it
Any less reliable?
The other source we have
Is all those in our lives

Who have taught us
About prayer,
And about the Bible.
Some things they have told us

Are true,
Some not,
Like what we read

In the Bible.
More messages,
Perhaps, divinely inspired,
Perhaps not.

Along the line,
We have to make a decision:
Who are we going to trust?

For some people,
Like myself,
Trust is a difficult thing.
Who can we trust?

It is possible
That all these people
Are fooling themselves,

Or, maybe,
There is something,
Really out there,

A divine Being,
Just waiting
For us to have a little faith,
And reach out.

I guess it is up to us.