The “In Crowd”

Walls crumbling,
As I do my best
To build them up.
Creatures crawling
Through my head,
Screaming insults
To the end.
People walk by
As I sell my wares,
Scowling at the tattered words
I beg to share.
Trying to come up
With something constructive,
But all I find
Are dust balls and dirt.
Should I make a mud pie?
I might need some water.
Too much to ask, you say.
I understand.
Those of us
Wondering where
Our next crazy idea
Will rear its ugly head,
Don’t stand a chance
Against the “in crowd”.
What is it, anyway,
That makes people exclude
Others who are different?
Xenophobia, the doctor says.
Yes, and, perhaps,
A desperate desire
To hide their own
Unique identity and insecurities
By focusing on a few
Superficial, inconsequential
Meaningless pursuits.
I judge where I shouldn’t.
Maybe I should be looking
At the positive side
Of tribal culture.
After all, the “us versus them”
Mentality serves to protect,
Does it not?
Well, perhaps it destroys the
Protector and protected
As much as the objects
Of their scorn.
For alienation
Cuts both ways,
It is violence,
Without even considering
The physical
The social and psychological
Damage to the tribal members
And to those on whom they prey,
Is enough to fear and dread.
The murder, rape, assault and battery
Are there, to be sure,
But not in polite conversation.
So, where to, then?
Another round for the house,
On me.