Where is God?

I wonder,
Would God help me
If I was dying?
I don’t know,
God helps some people,
But he doesn’t help others.
And it doesn’t seem to matter
How good a person is,
Or how much faith they have.
It seems quite random.
So, does it make sense for us
To thank God
When we get out
Of some mess we’re in?
Maybe that is just
Something you do
As part of a good relationship
With the Almighty.
But does God intervene
When we’re in trouble?
Some would say
A definite “yes”,
Since sometimes
People survive
In such a seemingly
Miraculous way.
But, where is God
With all the other people
Who don’t get saved?
Did he abandon them?
It may be
That we are looking at God
The wrong way.
Maybe we misinterpret
What is meant
In the Bible,
Or, maybe some people
In the Bible
Misinterpret what God does.
After all,
We don’t go to Psalms
For advice on how God works.
We go there for how we work.
And we can be ungrateful,
Greedy, despairing, vengeful,
Grievous, bloodthirsty, disrespectful–
You get the idea.
We should not look at God,
As a supernatural person
Who enters into time and space.
Perhaps, God is simply spirit,
And, in that form,
He is always here,
All around us,
And in us.
He is always a part of our lives,
And how much we connect with him,
Is still up to us, just like
If he was a supernatural person.
So, maybe it is wrong to say,
Where is God?
Or why did God do this?
God is part of everything,
But God is bigger than that.
He is bigger than the universe.
But he is also in your room,
Giving you breath,
Keeping your heart beating,
At least,
Until it is your time to go,
And only God knows that.


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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