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Sleeping While a Wall

Putting up my hands, I don’t want that.

Don’t involve me in that mess,

I’m leaving now, I said.

Safe alone in my home, my room, my

Bed. I’m sleeping while a wall.

I have no idea, no opinion about

Your troubles. I cannot help you.

Sleeping while a wall.

I’m just a simple man,

Small mind, even smaller heart.

I don’t care about those things

Going on around me.

I’m sleeping while a wall.

Friends Instead

Being alone is like being on the phone,

Talking to nobody. Being unique is

Not a pleasant experience, no, not

Indeed. I don’t care to chat with myself

About my shortcomings, nor endure the

Thought, that I am so different from the

Rest. I have visions and delusions, but

Not hallucinations–Every man has his

Limits. So Baker Act me, or take me to

Prison, if thinking perversely is a crime.

I cast my lot with the heathens and the

Saints, just the same. It makes no

Difference, in my book of ways. That’s

Just how I am. I don’t favor him or her,

This or that. I stay the course, even if it

Takes me ten times as long, with zigs,

Zags and drops in between. My

Conscience crucifies me sometimes, I’ll

Admit. Let’s be friends instead.