Turkey Mourning

Turkey stuff your face cry laugh mourn

Bond of family fun not really foundation

Fly above angels listening hear your sobs

They hold your hand sit with you waiting

Places memories flashbacks pain loss sigh


Jump tot location rely yelp require sock elf

Goose valorous valiant villain vouching for

Beer and bread and chips hats hello hells

Prevent pucker on lost leaving lounges win

Watch yeast yellow onto really must most


Christ mass is almost here.

I feel it in the ringaringring on the street

Give a Little this year if you can,

For today comes only once.

Don’t miss your chance

To be blessed when you give a little bit.

Santa’s asking,

But little Scotty is receiving

The love you give,

So don’t be stingy and don’t worry,

God will take care of

Both of you today

And the next day and the next.

So stretch your wallet a bit

And dig deep for what is God’s.

Only he deserves your generosity,

And he will spread it lavishly.


Same always after then in on top of train

Black tar asphalt concrete highways roads

Sidewalks stumbling falling laughing sobs

Drunk drank too much whiskey beer wine

I don’t like the current events around me


Tip lint built gross mile never warped onto

Cross cable cook kill maneuver ring staple

Suit manicure boss title kook look Bruce

Wookie reduction trousers crisper tabs up

Bullet bill sock still wheel wallop cruises


Gasp tang elderly bop triangle moving do

Envelop cut tank bus Nordic twist Cuban

Elephant backpack saloon freedom conk

Sloop frolic fuse jump greedy politic seem

Morph sentinel forage ventilator lasagna

Happy Holidays!

It’s that time of year again

Drinking hot chocolate

Eating candy

Throwing snowballs

Carving pumpkins

Making Christmas wishes

Decorating cookies

Riding sleds downhill

Creating a snowman

Wearing costumes

Eating turkey with all the fixings

Happy holidays!