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A Different Life

Dreaming of another world,

Without the need for blood.

Spirit pulses

Like water in the ocean,

Tossing souls up and down,

Waves of energy crest and lower

Into valleys of electricity.

Power in another dimension

Pushes against

An ever-present collection

Of hearts and minds

Bouncing through time

On a lonely Earth,

Yearning for connection.

The chaos of life

Wound tightly in a coil,

Springs up and out

With each wish or curse,

Promising a change in fate,

Or maybe a repetition.

Without reason,

The jester tosses the dice.

A Peace Is Born Anew

Crying inside a hug,

We hold each other tightly.

Yesterday has left us

Without another loved one.

Soon the pain will wane,

Oh, but not completely.

Memories stay with us.

Time sifts the remains.

We have loved so deeply

Those that have passed on.

Behind there is a shadow

Of the spirit that lives on.

We still sense the power

Of their supernatural presence.

We still treasure time,

Lost in all the busyness.

Our grasp on them will loosen,

Leaving them to be free,

Without the bonds of the temporary,

Or the hurt of humanity.

They will no longer have to wait

For good to come their way.

The beauty of heaven and earth

Surrounds them every day.

And now upon reflection

We can see the beauty too.

We’re blessed with a revelation

And a peace is born anew.

A Rebirth to Eternity

Cloudy forecast

For the family,

But sun will rise,


Hope remains,

Increases, even.

Pain is over.

Freedom reigns.

Dancing to the beat

Of eternity.

Something new

For someone new

To all the perks

Of infinity.

Those that are

Left behind

Can’t imagine

The purity.

A ticket to

Beyond the blue.

All the temporary

Shed behind

Like so much dead skin.

Now an exciting


Stands in waiting

To be experienced

To one reborn

With a perfect body.


Pilot friend, mother hen.

Grief stricken past living

Sweet and stubborn

Strict and free

Thoughts of you

Bring me back

To those good times,

Easy life without


You were there

To make sure

I was okay,

Watching over

All of us

Until that time

It was our turn

To care for you

Well done from

Such a great example.


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