Fooling Nobody

Lost mermaids sing of trains running

Above the sea on bridges in bays by seas.

Longing for a ride the side of thanks and

Emblems salutes the coming of the dawn.

Following the sound of deep sadness, the

Innocent children evaluate the legislation

Passed by fools and other rulers who

Doubt the effectiveness of the existing

Heads of state. Humbugs and grouches,

Grinches and dragons, and other funny

Dinosaurs come to grips with the fact

That the end is coming fast, so they

Better do something quickly. Same song,

Different dance. They are fooling nobody.

TV, Power

Tweety boing reach reeeeach! Loud crispy

Vibes swallow envious tank tubes orange

With flavor, scented like lavender among

Traipsing benevolent sounds, quite stinky

But interesting, all the same. Howdy bee

Slender apple sea round dimple drinking

Down episodes of old soap opera stars in

Striking clothing and slicked back hair or

Tossled to show chaotic, irrational psyche

Babbling about whatever came to mind

When the silly script was written. Power.


Slander fouls meager trials for trying

Times. Don’t you wish the gossip kings

And queens would leave us all alone? I

Know. I’ve done it many times, but some

People just like to tear others apart like

It’s a damned sport! Just drop the act. No

One is any better or worse than anyone

Else. We are all humans just trying to be


To Disagree

Baby promises lead to grown up values,

Peeking through the clouds, just being.

Do you wonder, sometimes, if anyone

Cares about the types of ideas you have in

Your head? I do. It seems family and

Friends don’t always agree. I guess that is

The nature of humanity, that is, to


The Pinnacle

Boom locks reveal lamb chop tango beets

Singing state rolling phones veering onto

Lakes of stone crying rainbows hallelujah

Boy malls cool estate reeking of sacks in

Baskets about preventing disease like

Symptoms in tiny animals crawling

Across stupid cackling buntings huts we

Were weird we want space and cookies

And awesome video games to play all

Night long. Wasted minds are the

The pinnacle of our civilization, after all.


Loud meandering Goldilox keeps pilfering

Food bowls she’s insane she’s a cat no I

Know she’s not you are hungry, I get it

Leaving moss on shoes is like an oak tree

Losing it’s nerve hair falling out like a

Cancer and chemo and all that radioactive

Terribleness that plagues the sick the

Lonely the desperate oh, for another try

At it but if it works to save my life maybe

It’s worth it. Maybe.

A Shame

Hello seeking bell ringers zooming circles

Around ground keepers yuuuuuge yes off

Forward friends cruel comments onto me

Pile into vehicles speed down tracks now

Polls say never again no it’s a shame oh

I hate it when greedy rich people want to

Squeeze the vulnerable and helpless for

Just a little more and each together adds

To a billion more for their silk pockets it’s

A shame


Healing homesteads vendors jump heads

Kicking lips friends confront wanting bits

Jeers cells fears green years dents creases

Poison rolls fusion bears goosebumps am

Love flips weeks trolls growls hits zoom

Lop review yonder wonder sooner than

Tomatoes goofy lids cool rear Zimbabwe


Study foul aberrant clues future sink reel

Lacking enable volume cross sickle tick or

Stack moose beef stick frolicking ocular is

Maneuvering hot vats semblance sicken

Norse robbery pirates tackling fish shores

Deepening stab slow blood trickles smile


Benevolent meaning saves sword fights

In alleys where thunderers wrong maids

And tempers flare. Rowdy talk and angry

Thought sometimes make for bitter some

Whats. Allowing adolescent schmoozing

Presents problems for parents who wish

To teach their kids reality. Let’s all just

Stay in fantasyland, shall we? Say the

Fake ones with the expensive everything.