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Lofty Cups

How many tacos

Does it take to make a ton?

Loud carriages help lofty cups

Surround untold clocks.

Cooking is kooky when albums

Cooperate around white beaches.

Looking into burping houses,

I circumnavigate egghead books.


A Miracle

Gliding along the currents of air,

I’m lifted by the light that shines on me.

Love permeates my being,

Like a spear piercing my side.

The nails are hammered through

My ragged wrists. I cry out,

My God, my God, why?

Have you forsaken me?

The dusk descends and they lower

My cross, loosen my body

And carry me to my tomb.

I stand on a mountaintop.

Throw yourself down!

God’s angels will save you.

Turn these stones into bread.

You are hungry. Go ahead.

Freedom! I am set free by God’s hand.

Risen at last and the tombstone

Is rolled away.


Drifting through inner space,

My mind will never win a race.

Can you feel the wind blow

Inside and out, it pushes me

To my destination. The spoon stirs

The tea in the cup.

Sweetened with sugar, I drink right up.

I’m falling asleep, but it’s only 9 a. m.

Look at all the trees beginning to bloom.