Even Keel



Cube mark lift change out link bout peat

Relinquish tossed untie enamored equal

Bionic surreal qualified soothed camper

Blamed stacks why nab realize saunter

Beliefs cooking sardonic wrappers coal


Sometimes It Cries

In some small hole,

A lizard crawls out.

The cockroach says to the donkey,

Don’t step on me,

I have a disability!

Circular squares

Make fun of green bears.

Thank the Lord, have mercy!

Swimming in a dirty pool

Is the past time of grown men

When there are women involved.

Sexuality never owns up.

It cries like a baby sometimes.


Smooth skin belly button shin thigh high

Belief runs backwards. Two in one.

Conquered by temptations. Closing

Perception. Inebriated by fantasy. Raw

Footage runs circles in my head. Apple

Drawn cookie dawn old freedom release.


Home knee mock twist ain’t map topple

Bridge buckle languish tainted embellish

Rewind beneath order cardinal sprinkle

Noir meat every beat raucous mantle in

Proxy triple never theology freezing old