Even Keel




Smooth skin belly button shin thigh high

Belief runs backwards. Two in one.

Conquered by temptations. Closing

Perception. Inebriated by fantasy. Raw

Footage runs circles in my head. Apple

Drawn cookie dawn old freedom release.


Home knee mock twist ain’t map topple

Bridge buckle languish tainted embellish

Rewind beneath order cardinal sprinkle

Noir meat every beat raucous mantle in

Proxy triple never theology freezing old


Walking in limelight. Calling to tether. Following tonight. Ranging all over. Closing a burp. Striving for lengthy ballistics. Couch time running clock heads. Believing in mustard space. Cackling among vegan apples. Battle.

A Tub

Jump to jingles jelly poured into a tub. Gelatin comes closely to entering the subway station on 34th Street. Salvation spews out of the volcano so swiftly that there’s no time to make a peanut butter and apple butter sandwich. Sometimes we are rushed and we can’t count our toes. Invaluable angles perceive obtuse circles in breathing calculators on planets too far to travel to. Linking lounge acts is my specialty when I’m not making freshly squeezed orange juice.