We Are All Immigrants

Very too serious, emitting

Insecurity, a damper on the

Gentle breeze of humor, and

Sarcasm is abundant,

Yet the professor without it blows

Away, as academics pushes her

Out. A survivor of much pain,

Grows tougher and tougher,

Bringing the plow and steam roller

Onto the stage, in order to prove

Her point. They hide it under a

Large cloth but no one wants to be

The first to peek, at the mangled

Corpse, a victim of a broken world

And a privileged race and class

That believes they are above the

Law. It will be a beautiful day in

America when everyone realizes

Their descendants were

Immigrants too and everyone

Takes a different path that does

Not have to correspond with

Their’s, but is still just as valid.


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger

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