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Lacking enable volume cross sickle tick or

Stack moose beef stick frolicking ocular is

Maneuvering hot vats semblance sicken

Norse robbery pirates tackling fish shores

Deepening stab slow blood trickles smile


Benevolent meaning saves sword fights

In alleys where thunderers wrong maids

And tempers flare. Rowdy talk and angry

Thought sometimes make for bitter some

Whats. Allowing adolescent schmoozing

Presents problems for parents who wish

To teach their kids reality. Let’s all just

Stay in fantasyland, shall we? Say the

Fake ones with the expensive everything.


Just Ask

Pennies for your many thoughts spinning

Round in your head just now, instead of

Other gifts without real value. How do

You really feel? I want to know. What’s

Troubling you, and how can I help? Amen.

So ask. Take an interest. Relationships

Are only momentarily physical, but that

Is not where lasting meaning is. Smile.

Communicate. Share your dreams, your

Pain, your values. These are the stars that

Shine the brightest. Yes, even pain, when

You share it. Open up. Be yourself. Ask

For help, if you need it. Don’t be afraid.


Quiz veal check war check prisons check

Persecution check prejudice check racism

Check oligarchy check imperialism check

Pollution check endangered species check 

Animal cruelty check child abuse check

Discrimination check domestic violence

Check monopolies check check check