The Flow

A cage.

A blown out tire.

A rusty knife.

Vines tangling to a tree.

A slamming door.

A rainstorm at the beach.

A dark room.

A hand slapping the face,

Covering the mouth,

Holding up in front of the eyes.

A locked chest.

Moving crowds on a street corner.

An owl coming to perch above a mouse.

A blood curdling scream.

An empty house.

A calling from an ocean cliff.

A burst of light from behind a cloud.

A soft touch on the lips.

A cool breeze on a Fall afternoon,

Blowing red, orange and yellow leaves

From trees on a hill,

Next to a winding country road,

Approaching a small bridge,

Above a rocky creek,

With cold water rushing along

A constant path,

The rhythm of nature.

Breathing in,

Then out.


Smooth Oparaytah

Zeal for your Ford has consumed me.

I lay in the sun all day, my skin burns.

I want to be the best I can be, but I’m not

A soldier in the army, so can I be?

I like green eggs and ham. I am

The cat in the hat, Sam I am.

Would you like like some grits with that?

Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit!

Howdy, partner. Let’s dosie doe each

Other, watcha think? I’m just a smooth

Oparaytah. Smoooooth oparaytaaaaaah.

Well, let see. Are we sure our ducks are

In a row, out on the water, in the deep?

Conflicting Viewpoints

Plump Trump dumped wimpy words on

Weak minds, desperate for some kind of

Good news, in the face of greedy CEOs,

Making 3000% of the average employee.

No justice in this world, not yet, anyway.

Obama tried to level the field, helping all

That stabbed him in the back, after all

Keeping in step with the media moguls

And bobble heads, throwing out false

Accusations and exaggerations, like it

Was going out of style. No rest for those

Who try to make this world a better place.