Fear of Difference

The place of fear envelops here.

No way to tell, what’s coming

From the rear, or what’s ahead.

The smoking mirror is an illusion.

Sometimes I wonder where

Is truth in life? Where do the two

Intersect, when it really matters?

Lies confuse, swallow what’s real.

The lie I feel to be real, is

That which hangs around my neck,

When I gather in spaces,

Of those with like mindedness.

Bricks and mortar, or digital

Groups, it doesn’t matter.

Both are full of walls, constructed

Alike, to keep others out.

I am out, even if I am in.

I am not present, when the lies

Begin. I step out, of my own

Volition, when the air is thin.

I have no patience, for groups

Dividing, over fears of others,

Who do not threaten. Being

Unique is not a sin,

Without or within.

Yet, I find in my behavior,

The same judgment, of myself,

And those around me.

Perhaps, it is most true,

In those who are least comfortable

With themselves or others,

A state of being, most common.

And with the discomfort,

Comes a fear, a sense of

Vulnerability, to be devoured,

By the enemies that exist,

Even if those enemies are created,

In ones own mind alone,

For we also put up walls around

Ourselves, in order to protect,

Even if there is no need,

For we do not realize, sometimes,

Who is with and who is against, for

Those who put up walls,

Can be our greatest friends.

I hope I come to see, the company

That’s all around me, is the asset

Best to help me, my true family.