Two Faces

Two faces. Which is true? Maybe

More. Who can you trust? All

Have public presentations that

Get them far and lots of money.

Seeing them all on their expensive

Vacations makes me sick to my

Stomach. I wonder to myself if

They are all big shots with the

Government, big business, and

I’ve seen both sides of that coin,

Really well. If Government, no one

Wants to lead, as they are afraid

Of losing their job by taking

Initiative, and they know

Somewhere in the chain of

Command, their idea will not be

Appreciated by those whom have

Been there way too long.

In big business, there is alwAys

Greed. Even worse is the power

That corrupts, corrupts absolutely.

The underpaid employees suffer,

But that is not a concern when

Raising a quota or withholding

Cost of living. Capitalism at its



Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger

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