Trick gasp front task lied flask emblem

Mask kneel blame taco game frame lamb

Strain living maim hook grain multitask

Wearing staff cruise muse lewd pew to

Withdrew canoe mew moo Yahoo whew

Murdered Money

Tracks on the road

Point to the getaway.

My money left me

In a huff,

Sending me into poverty

Out of bitterness.

The killing

Of my bank account

Happened in a flash,

Out of pure

Emotional impulse.

Not premeditated.

Almost a reflex reaction,

When the temptation

Came to fruition.

Full Circle

Knowledge sex intertwine exchange

Merely showing off catch cling walk

Togetherness ideas dreams whisper

Calling grown up respect beliefs wait

Yelling expression argument curse

Getting to Know Her

Do you know the way?

Never shown,

Nothing explained.

Everything is a culture shock.

How to treat a lady.

How to be a gentleman.

The first kiss.


Saving yourself for marriage.

Learning by example,

But only to a point.

Sexuality is normal.

Sex is okay.

Attraction, feelings,

Making conversation.

Treating her with respect.

Getting to know her mind

Before her body.

How to be a man.

Making meaning together.