Poetry challenges

These are ideas for monthly poetry challenges. Matthew Heiman came up with most of them and then I edited them a little, adding and subtracting a few words, here and there. They are for our Big Bend Poets group.

1. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
2. Alcohol, prescription and street drugs: good and bad effects

3. Comical stories of a friend, a pet, or a friend’s pet

4. The social divide in our country and/or around the world

5. Gravity’s effects on your day to day life

6. Religion’s effects on you and whether or not you understand it

7. Music’s ability to make all aspects of your life feel different

8. The organization of your mind and how it works

9. A battle worth fighting

10. The rainbows of life

11. What makes you, you

12. Will we see light of the new day?

13. What is class warfare and how does it affect us?

14. Privacy

15. Marriage, married life, divorce, or living single

16. Is there more to life than what we can experience, perceive or understand?

17. Health and well-being (physical, mental and emotional)

18. Is America the best country?

19. Can we ever see the mind of the creator?

20. Desire

21. Mother Nature

22. Will love find us?

23. Emotions

24. The natural beauty of things

25. Will they end free speech in America?

26. Will life end when you die?

27. Can we change the world with our writings?

28. Power: the different types and how they affect us in daily life as well as the long run

29. Is there more to life than just existence?

30. Will freedom come to an end in our country?

31. Can poetry keep the world free?

32. Is the violence of the world coming to America?

33. Where did the spark of Creation come from?

34. If we are alone, can we find true peace?

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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