Yesterday Is Now

Stripes on a back,

Stripping a man, a woman,

Of clothes,

Stealing children,

Separating husbands and wives,

Changing an individual’s name:

It all adds up, eventually.

Waving a banner

To glorify it all.

Is it right?

Is it just?

We aren’t proud

Of all that happened,

All that still happens

To a people

That have put up with it all

For far too long.

We must come together.

We must compromise.

We must give up our privilege,

And lift the downtrodden

To a higher place.

The oppressed cry out.

Please, stop the lies.

The hatred

And the cruelty must end.

This is the time.

It is long past time, in fact.


Remove the darkness.

Heal the wounds.

Seek forgiveness.

Come together

For the good of all.

The Solution

Wrestling with truth,

Pounding at the pillow,

Struggling with pain,

Clawing at the walls,

Climbing up the trees.

Is there an answer,

Or do I just embrace what is?

Do I accept the past,

Move in the motion

Of the present,

And hope for something

That may or may not be,

Regardless of what I do?

Perhaps there is a middle way,

A path that takes me

To happiness.

Or perhaps,

Happiness is an illusion,

Or a delusion,

Or a lost cause from the beginning.

Does time march on,

And all that happens

Are simply cogs in a machine,

Including ourselves?

I want to believe

That change is possible,

And perhaps,

Even change, even revolution,

Is part of the plan

From the beginning,

A redemption of sorts.

God has been in control

Of his creation.

He knew the heartache

That was coming,

Because he knew

What we would choose,

Even when we had

Complete freedom not to.

We would get ourselves

Into a load of trouble,

Not understanding

That we are not gods,

Worshipping ourselves

Out of arrogance,

Ignoring justice,

And following our greed.

We want it all,

But we can’t handle it,

And only he

Can save us from our mess.

Look up, look around,

Look deep inside

Your broken hearts.

He is all around,

And part of it all.

He loves you.