The Necessity of Protection from Tyranny and Oppression

I am a conflicted soul.

On one side,

I believe in peace, love,

Justice and sacrifice.

On the other,

I believe in freedom, expression,

Individuality and protection

From tyranny.

But protection from tyranny

Requires something.

That something is a military,

The right to bear arms,

The armed force

Of a revolution, if necessary.

I certainly agree,

That the American Revolution,

The French Revolution, and

The Union Army in the Civil War,

Were all worthwhile.

But what about Jesus?

What about the peaceful struggles

For civil rights

By the Black citizens

Of the United States?

Was Christianity only successful

Because of Constantine

And the Crusades?

Were civil rights only achieved

In America

Because of the Black Muslims,

The Black Panthers,

The National Guard,

The President of the United States,

And the military power

Behind him?

I want to believe

That civil rights in America

Were achieved

Because of religion,

And moral conscience.

But is that a smoke screen?

Was it really about military force?

What is really necessary?

What is truth?

What is justice?