A Voice

Focus, focus.

Look deeply into the grey.

Staring at the darkness,

Daring it to scream back at me.

Is there a solution to my misery?

Angels weep above my head,

Or in my head, whichever you’d have it.

Temptation roams around me.

Keeping my eyes down and my mouth shut,

I seek to escape confrontation

As best I can in a supercharged atmosphere.

But I cannot resist the occasional urge

To lash out, seeking peace and justice

For those around me.

It is such a sadness, it grieves me.

I want to help, albeit pitifully,

As I know my efforts, most of them,

Go mostly unheard, falling on

Much more than deaf ears around me.

I know I could go a lifetime

Without making a difference.

Sometimes, I feel so lazy,

Alone in my safe and quiet home,

While others go hungry, homeless,

Persecuted, tortured, murdered.

It seems so easy for me to talk about it.

Indeed, that is my level of comfort.

I want to have my voice heard.

But how?

Is it hopeless?


Sleepy sounds pound my enemy.

Talented crowded make sense of autonomy.

Creepy valves render useless caliopes,

Arguing statistical ambiguities around

Ugly contradictory pounding mangy

Wonder Woman manger spells.

I gather stipulations repeatedly.

Can you count the prurient, moody,

Amber, keen endings ordered obsessively?

Ponds prove puddle wrongs dangerously.

Underneath I feel the privileged wealthy.

Wrapping sloppy, poodle, crunchy

Tubular nonissue talking gingerly,

I saint you asunderously sheik loudly.

Wrongly, you travel cutely in off me.

I take marred proven quarterly,

Swimming desperately, hid popularly,

Cackle fought found wrecking bankerly.

Angelicly, you pour rendering sweetly.

Softly, we seep into sacks of waddling

Pungently, pregnant sloppy writerly.

Wrongly, in fact a factually stopping.

We deed cutely, soundly mopping,

Reinventing tepees, weeping sluggishly.


Stick upon smart angel stupid parking

Erector set salmon felt rainbow melt

Ralph rude California apple talent shows

Cleaving to passageways underneath

Grand Canyon powder puff cute pockets

Kickstart queasy marked benevolent

Alphabet painkillers tae kwon do

elephant passions virulent beans

Sock hop teeny boppers queen bees

Swiped odor quality empowered deep

Developer disdain mane barf sounds

Sleep saints moved ancient sleet mark

Mood pops seedy liver send off maps

Slid bungee jumping key swat peeps

Sage called forge flat onto coughs

Salient Martian valorous maniacal

Murder click punch poop symbols