Love is Calling Your Name


From a distance,

You hear your name.

Who is calling?

A stranger?

A friend?

An enemy,

Trying to deceive you?

An angel?

God himself?

Ask in your heart.

Do what you think

Is right.

Answer or not.

If you perceive

An enemy,

Be cautious.

If you think

A friend beckons you,

Be full of joy.

Do not hesitate.

Trust the Lord,

Either way.

He will be with you,

No matter what happens,

Good or bad.

Do not be afraid

Of difficult circumstances.

It is part of life.

God will use

Whatever happens

To build you up

Or tear you down

And remake you

Into something better.

Do not worry

About pain or suffering.

Do not desire


Just accept

Whatever happens

And whomever

Comes your way.

Do not compare yourself

To others.

Do not think about


Do not dwell

On the past.

Live for today.

Be in the present

At all times.

Enjoy the journey.

Every day

Is a new day,

Full of surprises,

Or just routine.

Take life

As it comes,

And make something


Life is what you make of it.

It is up to you.

Be yourself.


At all times.

Love life.

Love all creatures.

Love the earth.

Love God.

Love yourself.

It is all connected.

Just love.

The Mystery

Twisting, turning,

You walk on,

Into the dark forest,

Out to the plains,

Over the mountains,

And down again.

You never really know

What comes next.

It is a mysterious journey

That we all must take.

Some say there is only one road,

But they are fooling themselves.

Do not worry

About the path.

You create the path

As you go.

Even when

You walk in darkness

There is a light

That burns inside

Your soul.


Wherever it leads you.

Just keep going.

Be true to yourself.

You are made

In the image of God.


He is with you