Kicking Citizen’s United to the Curb

My country’s a wreck,

So what do I do?

They blame Obama,

But they have no clue!

Barack, I know

You’re giving your all

To heal this country

From its great fall.

So many years

Of war and strife,

Trillions of debt,

So you spend your life

Cleaning it up,

The mistakes made

By former leaders,

The war in Iraq,

The money bleeders.

The rich get richer,

So we pay more.

It’s got to stop,

And you couldn’t do more.

But, now, I see,

You have indeed,

Kicking Citizen’s United

To the curb, where it should be.

Let us all

Pull together.

Get the word out.

It’s now or never.

Stop injustice

In its tracks.

Make real the promises,

End the silence.

It can be done.

It can be done.

Fired up!

Ready to go!


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