Changing the World

One person

Makes a change.

A little change.

It maybe affects

One person.

That person

Makes a change.

It affects

Two people.

And so on.

And so on.

It helps.

It makes a difference,


Oh, how I want

To believe it,

In my heart and soul.


In the face

Of so much apathy,

So much resistance,

So much discouragement,

It gets hard,

Really hard,

To stick to the narrow road,

Through deep valleys,

Climbing such high mountains.

But occasionally, hopefully,

When you reach the top,

You can look down,

And you can see so much glory,

So much praise,

So much victory.

It’s worth doing.

It does

Make a difference.

Follow the path,

Even if

You’re alone.

It’s worth it.