I’m going round and round and…

Hear that sound?

It’s my my mind self-destructing,

As it searches and searches

For some type of meaning.

La dee da, dum dee dum.

Of la be so tee lee.

Drank so much, I broke my knee.

Don’t you see? I peed, then he

Bashed my head in.

Are you coming?

I’ve asked you twice already!

Let’s go, let’s go!

I don’t have time

To get get drunk today.

Let’s just call it even and

Prickle find keen lied ride mine

Hide your find you’ve never been

To that castle in the sky.

The taste for lackadaisical is nothing

Short of crazy, isn’t it?

No, it makes sense, really.

It’s not having nothing to do

That we desire,

It’s not having anything that we have to do.

Right! That’s what I didn’t really

Mean when I did, I didn’t not.

Seen sobbing like a cat in heat.

Thrilled several funeral hills,

Piles and piles of immaculate style,

Riled unto my top size curvy spiral

Death camps, trees, fleas, just me,

How you treat me so lovely, in season,

You are so true so so so yes.

Freely bent sample echelon stick,

Smited like a tadpole wrench.

Wench-happy punch crunch, crunch.

What’s for lunch, munch, munch.

Life is slowly zipping foundling

Like able laughing realms ancient

Fracking value hemp dollar seeking

Wrap stack map quack lacking any

Tank hit hanky lanky animal stipend.

Century rewind behind you don’t!

Didn’t flee freely sounds of thunder

Clapping in my brain. Inject me.

Test the best with psuedophedrine.

Head-first worse a started rose grass.

House has to be the right one.

No, know, I don’t stow sex tapes.

Do you? No sly bones, thrown swiftly,

Into the alone, a sigh,  a dome.

Round and round, I search.