It Sounds Like Heaven

Strike a life down,

You will earn a frown

From every soul

That cares for his own.

Laugh off a bet

That you blew,

And it wrecked,

All the lives

Of those who confide

In you with their best.

Make a new start,

Give away to those

In need of a heart

To help them a bit.

It’s all worth it.

Follow the lead

Of those who will free

Prisoners and thieves,

Druggies and miscreants,

And you will see

Freedom in ecstasy.

We all belong

To be together,

Living as one,

Living in love,

Sharing all wealth

To those in need,

Not clawing and scratching

Their way to the top.

You must give of yourself,

Give to others

What has been given to you.

You are privileged

With what you have,

So share those things,

Which are only

Temporarily yours.

Things are not meant to just stop,

But they should constantly flow

From one to the other,

Back and forth,

Building a beautiful web

Of generosity.

Doesn’t that sound

Like heaven?

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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