The Path to Peace

Grieving in silence,

I hear the sound,

Of all the people

Crying out.

The innocent man

Is killed in the street.

The infant child,

Is blown off his feet.

I want to tell

You how I feel,

But I’m afraid it won’t

Help to heal

All the hurt,

The dangerous woe,

The pain and torment

From our foes.

Wouldn’t you

Like to be

Free of stress,

Feeling free?

Oh, the time

Has certainly come

To shut the door

On death that roams.

We must find

A middle way

That works for all,

Or we will pay.

All of us

Are at risk.

The war will come

With guns and fists.

I don’t want

To see the end.

I want us all

To be friends.

So, let us not


Let us love

All girls and guys.

We can be

The best of friends

If we try

To make amends.

Our World Is Falling Apart

There seems to be much hatred brewing, all over the world.  Here in America, we seem more divided than ever before. It seems things are almost at, or even past, the breaking point. Many die in the streets. Many are murdered by law enforcement officers. Many cry out for justice, that seems too long in coming. Many, including myself, are appalled at the decisions that are made in Washington, that don’t seem to represent the people. Republicans are hostile towards everything liberal. Democrats are hostile towards anything conservative. Both parties jump on any chance to stick one to their opponents. The murders in Charleston, and the defense of the rebel flag. Marriage equality, and the battle for religious liberty. ISIS, Al Queda, and all the terrorist attacks. People joke on Facebook about killing other people who have opposing views or lifestyles that differ from theirs. Always, it seems things are coming to a head. If we don’t find some way to soothe all the tensions, I am afraid that our country is going to break out into a civil war. When leaders try to appease one group that is offended, they offend the other group. Is there any way out of this mess? How do we move towards peace? How can we find a middle ground that will work for everyone? Is that even possible? Some think we are moving towards the end of the world. It may be the end of us, at least, if we don’t do something soon.


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Experiments of the Mind

Would you like to know

Where I am, at any given moment?

Wouldn’t it be interesting,

To get inside my head?

Perhaps, not,

For I am a boring soul,


But, as kind of a scientific experiment,

A moral goal,

An artistic challenge.

Wouldn’t it be cool,

To get inside someone’s head?

Poems, essays, even fiction,

Do reveal something about ourselves,

But we are in control

Of what is revealed,

For the most part.

What if we surrendered all control?

What if we simply

Let it all out,

Let it flow,

Without any filter?

Is that possible?

Is it permissible?

Is it moral?

Is it good?


Some may say,

Some of these questions

Are not relavent,

Are not pertinent,

Are not interesting,

Are not “scientific”.

But what are we,

If not moral beings?

What is art,

If it has no moral goal?


We could argue,

That any process,

Which reveals information,

Is valuable, moral and good.

But is that true?

I would like to know,

As this is a great concern of mine.

Where do we go from here?