Know What I Mean?

Leaping into the thing
That makes me want to sing
About the things on a string,
So happy, so silly.

So how do you say that
In Spanish?
You don’t.
You just sit there and smile

At all the people walking by,
What this world is coming to,
And where does it all end?

Have you ever asked a question,
Only to think of the answer
As you finish the question?
That happens to me sometimes.

So, what did you do
When they told you
That they were through
With being confused?

I don’t know,
But it all seems related
Know what I mean?


This World

Hey there.
What is wrong
With this world?
The list goes on and on.

But some things
Are very right.
Some people
Are on the right track.

Some want to help,
Not hurt.
Some want to give,
Not take.

Some want to make
This world
A better place,
And because of them,

It is.

A Smile for a Smile?

Hello you,
How ya doin’?
I am fine,
But now I’ll whine.

When I am lying in bed
In the dark,
I think of ways

To make my mark,
But then I realize
There are so many reasons
To despise

Things I say and do.
Do you
Ever wonder
About your blunders?

I am
When I see the face
Of a person

When they look at me
Looking at them
And then look
The other way.

Am I repulsive
To them?
Not that I blame
The ones who do,

But wouldn’t it be nice
To receive a smile
In return
For a smile?

Is that
Too much to ask?

Home on a Workday

A good day.
Home with my wife.
Gave the dog a bath,
Then gave my wife one.

Crazy things
That enter your life
Along with surgery!
Took 80 photos of my kitten,

Charlie, as he lounged
In my lap, then on the bed,
Then on a bunched up bathrobe
On the floor in the bathroom.

Funny ways we find
To pass the time:
Did some grocery shopping,
Got gas for the car,

Picked up lunch
At a sub shop,
Said hello to someone from work
Who was at the grocery store

In the middle of the afternoon
On a Friday,
“Casual Friday”.
Going into work

Ah, the beauty
Of flex-time!
It’s a wonderful thing.


Scary Times

Close the door
To future pain.
Close the curtain
To heartbreak.

Hoping for the best,
Trying not to worry.
God is in control,
Not me.

Sometimes that scares me,
But if it was up to me,
It would be worse.

I don’t have the power
To keep a heart beating.
I can’t make her lungs
Keep breathing air.

And the doctor
Can only do so much.
It is really
Up to God.

Let it be
As according to his word.
His will be done,
Not mine.

Happy Go Lucky

Bright and cheery
Is your attitude,
As you walk into the room.

Playful and carefree,
You sing, hum or whistle.
Your voice is a breath of fresh air.

Talking away to our pets,
You treat them with love and respect,
As they deserve.

Giving Chief a hug,
Or Tandy a rubbing,
Or Stella a kiss,

You spread love around,
Your touch is magic.

Always willing
To take a few minutes
For some extra loving.

This house would be very quiet
Without you.
Let’s hope that day never comes.

Gone but not Forgotten

Thinking about that time,
Whenever it will be,
That I may be without you,

It occurs to me
That I don’t cherish you
Like I should.

A wonderful woman,
A great friend,
A special companion.

An amazing person, all around.
To imagine life without you,
Just breaks my heart.

If that day does come,
The only thing that will keep me going
Is that you would want me to be

The best person I can be
For those still living.
I will honor your memory.

Just Being You

Come closely so I can see you,
Feel you, touch you.
Are you like me, so candidly?
You are special!

We come from the same tree.
You look like me.
We are friendly family.
Don’t you see what I mean?

Would you like to run with me?
Would you like to go on a spree?
Come with me, silently,
And we shall see, so carefully.

What adventure will come next?
What trouble is there here
That we can get into?
We’ll stir something up!

Let’s go together up the hill,
Wrestle on the grass,
In the meadow.
You are such a funny fellow!

You are a close friend.
When I think of the end,
I hope that you will be there
With me to keep me sane.

How I dread that day,
But if you are there, I can bear it.
If you are with me,
I can do anything!

Thank you so much
For just being you!