Something Better

Opportunity knocks,

And I turn my back.


Not into playing

Any high-strung games.


Not into risking

My meager employment.


Not into hob-knobbing

With those that want to show-off.


So when opportunity comes

My humble way,


I say no, thank you,

Perhaps another day.



Sunday Scribblings #272


Time for a Change






















About time,

Wouldn’t you say?


Better late than never,

I hope.


And enough is enough.



Sunday Scribblings #268


Honestly Me

Staying true,

And being blue.


Standing here,

Showing no fear.


On the threshold

Of something new,


Something honest,

Some don’t do.


Showing one’s faults,

Showing one’s doubts,


Not hesitating

To leave the big house.


No cover, no shame,

No hiding one’s name.


Just being me.

Do you dare to do


The same?



Writer’s Island

Week #25


Crushing arms of death

Come down from the sky.


I ask, I plead again,

The tried old question, “Why?”


Fearing worse than death,

I run as fast as I can.


Nothing left but now.

No time to prove a man.


What is worth it?

Life is such a chance.


To commit or to be free,

A question of romance.


A decision must be made,

At least according to the rest.


To measure up to snuff,

To pass their crazy test.



Nothing Anymore

I came close,

Or at least I thought.


I prayed.

I read the Bible.


I went to church.

I worshipped “Someone”


Whom I believed to be God.

I “fellowshipped” with other believers,


Or I tried, anyway.

I read devotional books,


Yearning to improve

My spiritual relationships.


Over the years, it happened,

Slipping through my fingers,


I lost touch, I lost Him,

Then, nothing.



Carry on Tuesday #109


Something Else

Come through the twists and turns,

Out of the darkness and the howling moon.


Come inside to be comfortable,

To belong, to be welcome.


You have a future where

You have a good place.


We will love you and give to you

All that you need and desire.


We will help you find in this world

The key to fulfillment and success.


You will realize that this world

Is not as scary as it seems.


You will find that someone cares,

Someone loves you,


And all is not lost,

Not by any means.




Poetic Asides

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 136

Our Own Traveler

Every day

We find our rhythm

In much the same routine.



We meet different people

That color our lives


With dignity and love,

And leave a lasting impression.

These instances are rare.



We go round in circles,

Making our indentation


In life, the world and time.

Like a beautiful sea shell

We become a treasure


Through our experiences,

Our relationships,

And our gifts.



(Magpie Tales,

Mag 69)