Grubby Things

Drop to the top

Flop down on the ground

Peace be to your knees

Please don’t mind the fleas

Dog hair on the stairs

Dust in the air, you must

Breath deeply just don’t

Kind of dirty in the front

Do you like a furry friend?

I will be sure to send

A little kitten to your house

It will help to catch a mouse

Living in rain clouds, loud

Thunder echoing down under

All the bugs want to come in

They have a slim chance

Of making our home theirs.

It’s not fair, our comfy lair

Is not meant to support grubby things!

Up in Space, Down to Earth

Reaching up to the top

The staircase winds between the stars,

Up in the dark sky.

The planets revolve around


Our efforts cling,

With space station chatter.

We dream in cycles.

Rainbows spill across the horizon.

The trees drip with rain drops,

Too heavy, falling

From fragile leaves.

Howls in the distance

Proclaim Mother Nature

As the ruler of us all.

Splashing in the river,

Fish jump and swim,

Frogs ribbit through dusk.

Birds hide in their nests,

Comfy for a night’s rest.

All is eventually quiet.

Nature has gone to sleep.

Stars Smiling

Speed collects beads

Of sweat on the seatbelt

Wrapped around my body.

Likening your smile

To a Star streak across the sky

On a mellow night.

The sun is bright this morning

As it rises above the hills.

See the birds fly

From the trees so frantically.

I bet one of them saw me

When I told you I loved you

In the tree, smiling, ear to ear.



To the rim

With anxiety,

Like a rising tide,

My feet don’t reach

The bottom.

I cannot get a sense

Of where I am.

Everything around me

Seems to happen

In slow motion,

While my emotions reel

Like tossing waves.

My mind tries to balance,

But is tossed about

Like a little boat.

Gravity plays with me

Like a child

With his toys,

Crashing them together,

And zooming them around.

I am natures plaything,

In the storm,

I am the storm,

I am a bystander,

I am a weather man,

Like an idiot,

Standing outside

In the wind and rain,

Talking to the camera

Until I can barely stand up.

Time to take my meds.

A Bit Moody

Jump into a lake.

A break is not coming.

The same, most likely,

Hate to tell you.

Bust a move.

At least, it won’t cost you.

Do you sense

The bitter unrest

Brewing in the balcony,

The test is the best

There is to offer.

I know the truth

On the underside.

The tide is taken,

A steaming staple,

A closing tunnel,

Running in circles

To tell the time,

Rhyming despite yourself.

Could it be

That time is ticking quietly?

You are the one

Who gives the go ahead.

You put it all together,

Earning a rubber ducky.

Brimming to the edge,

Out on a ledge.

See the end coming,

A million miles an hour,

Straight to the top.

Put it on the flyer.

No, I’m not a liar.

It’s mine, it’s fine,

It’s like the kind

Of thing you see

In the movies.

In the end,

It gets a bit moody.